Electric Icarus: NASA Designs a One-Man Stealth Plane

A super-quiet, hover-capable aircraft design, NASA’s experimental one-man Puffin could show just how much electric propulsion can transform our ideas of flight. It looks like nothing less than a flying suit or a jet pack with a cockpit.

I think electrical aircrafts definitely are the way to go, even if there is substantial problems with battery technology. This is just a design concept for now, but it is a step in the right direction.

By March, the researchers plan on finishing a one third–size, hover-capable Puffin demonstrator, and in the three months following that they will begin investigating how well it transitions from cruise to hover flight. They are already looking past the Puffin, however. The next-generation of this design might incorporate more than just two pairs of prop rotors, so that if one was struck by, say, a bird or gunfire, the aircraft could survive on redundant systems. “We could make it so there’s no single point of failure—that’s the cool next step,” Moore says.

What do you think?

Source: ScientificAmerican.com