The Gates – A Review of the Series Premiere

I have been exited about The Gates since I heard about it and my first reaction was that this is a Supernatural Eureka due this summer from ABC? I usually don’t make any real decision about a show after one episode and I don’t intend to do that here either. A new show has to find its way and you got to get to know the characters a bit before that. But you will get a first impression.

The Gates appeared as an Eureka for supernatural beings or Desperate House Witches. It’s about Nick Monohan, a homicide cop who gives up his job in a major city to be the chief of police in a planned gated community. But there is more to the residents than meets the eye. There is a werewolf football linebacker, a vampire housewife desperate not to fit in and even two magical tea shops at war with each other. I foresee a busy 13 episodes for the chief of police as he tries to keep order in this supernatural mess.

After watching the promotional videos and listening to the buzz I think it is a bit more dark than that. The cast looks solid on paper and I am about to watch my first episode with great expectations.

Episode: 1.01 Pilot
Series: The Gates
Genre: Supernatural drama
Channel: ABC
First airing: June 20, 2010

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