A good workplace

I have been thinking about how to create a good workplace. In a creative environment there isn’t so good with too much structure. There should be enough to create security but not so much that you kill creativity. It’s the same with management, too much management definitely kills creativity but you also have to keep up the business end so it is a balancing act.

The ideal workplace would be one where everyone does what is needed to be done by them selves. Conflicts are a natural part of the creative process and should be handled openly and directly.

I found that young people even when they work in creative jobs want more support structure than more experienced people. Yet I hesitate to give them what they say they want. If I keep feeding them the ‘right’ way all the time, how are they going to find their own way? You have to give people the tools they need without locking them in.

Much of it is really about information. Keep people informed and they will do their part.

The tricky bit will be how to develop every one’s ‘inner manager’. I am still working on that part.

/Still working on making myself redundant.