Undercovers Series Premiere [TV Review Recap]

What is it with NBC and spy shows? Do they need another? They have Chuck. Though Undercovers looks like fun CSI-level scifi action.

Outwardly, Steven Bloom and his wife, Samantha, are a typical married couple who own and operate a small catering company in Los Angeles – with help from Samantha’s easily frazzled handful of a sister, Lizzy. Secretly, the duo were two of the best spies the CIA had ever known, until they fell in love on the job five years ago and retired.

When fellow spy and good friend Leo Nash goes missing while on the trail of a Russian arms dealer, the Blooms are reinstated by boss and agency liaison, Carlton Shaw  to locate and rescue Nash. Following leads that take them to cities spanning the globe, Steven and Samantha quickly realize that perhaps this supercharged, undercover lifestyle provides exactly the kind of excitement and romance that their marriage has been missing.

New series always make me a little excited, I hope Undercovers lives up to my expectations and maybe surprise me with something I don’t expect.

Crash-bang on the door and jump down a balcony and then run up to the roof where I put the little cute memory stick in one of the chutes action sets the mood before we go all catering.

Mr and Mrs future spy are talking. We pay our employees too much. They are so good, they deserve it. Up walks a cute as a button employee and tells her boss she is making pork for the Orthodox Jewish wedding. She is her sister that explains the fine features and why she is not fired yet.

Sister opens door for old guy looking for Steven and Samantha Bloom. He looks way to nice to be a spy master which makes him the perfect spy master. He is a little dry though but it would be hard to refrain considering the airheaded greeting. I like the mode already.

Agent Leo Nash is missing. So jump-on-balconies has a name. Nash sounds familiar, like Walker. Carlton Shaw (I remember an agent Shaw too) is with the agency and he comes to offer them a job. Operation Black Swan is still in effect to capture Alexander Slotsky arms dealer, black market dealer and murderer. Oh my, he is dry, the dialog is not shabby. I like Carlton already. He leaves them morally challenged.

Back to catering a wedding they start to remember their own and getting emotional about Leo Nash. Back home they are too tired to make sweet love before sleeping.

Next day Steven looks up Mr Shaw and promise to help him as long as he doesn’t tell Samantha. Carlton silently opens the door, revealing Mrs Bloom. That’s what we have seen in the trailer so many times before.

They start to examine Leo’s case files while the kitchen manages itself like a Tonga party. They get into a conundrum when they start to talk about Leo. Sam was his partner and Steven gets a bit inquisitive about how many missions they were on together. They left all of this behind them five years ago and decided never to talk of their time in the agency, which seems like they have succeeded in doing up until now. Now they are in it together.

Oh, double cross? Mr high and dry is hiding the real reason they have been reactivated.

Off to Madrid and Leo’s safehouse. That’s a comfy looking apartment, do they pay agents well? I like the way it is no big thing with the arsenal under the bed or the research on his desk; a recite from a Café from the day before Leo’s disappearance is. My god, Samantha is so beautiful, I distract easily.

They sit down at the café only to become accosted by a fan boy who is so thrilled to be working with the legendary Mr Bloom (a few others around the square seems to be agency). Now it is Sam’s turn to be intrigued when fan boy rant on about this and that mission.

Bantering Couples is so delightful. Sam and Stevie are charming. Call me simple but I like it. They get so excited so that they want to break into a bank? Did I miss something? Ah, the camera feed from the ATM (btw it would not be called that in Spain). What’s up with the slow motion running out of the bank and the lens flare? I thought that was TM of the latest Star Trek movie.

Leo was meeting with this guy handling over documents the day before he disappeared. Lucky for them there is a logo there that leads them to a shop they break into. It is about that time Steven starts to air his doubts about Leo. While they are breaking and entering Leo is having the time of his life strapped to a chair and beaten. I guess it tops a spring pony. Humorless Russian breaks his fingers and he talks like a canary (he doesn’t look like he is broken though). Meanwhile the Blooms decide to crash a Marriage party.

Leo and I used to go out, she say before jumping out of the airplane. Got you there Stevie! They start bickering about it but not finish it before the wedding. Then they start ranting about the catering budget of this fabulous wedding. I felt that was a nice touch. They find their mark and Sam decides to do some Sexspionage to copy his phone. Uncovering the female lead seems to be the thing in today’s spy business and who am I to complain.

Meanwhile Leo is selling Big Russian guy leads.

Mr Hoyt (Also a name to remember, love of baby-vamp Jessica) is the name of the hero worshiping sidekick. How much money on that he is undercover and will betray them in the end?

Paris, here we come!

They track Nash last call to the roof and Steve has no problem finding the flash drive. Only to be surprised by another Russian with a gun. Stevie is a bit rusty there at first in the fight scene but once he knife the guy in the foot it goes better.

Old Dry bone wants them to hand over the drive but now Steven and Sam decides to go all free agents on him and handle it themselves. Considering that Shaw hasn’t been exactly upfront with them it is hard to blame them. But they don’t know that and we don’t know exactly what he is up to.

Meanwhile Slotsky is having management discussions with his staff. That’s a rough boss, and mean too. Failure is fatal.

The best crypto expert in Europe hangs outside Our Lady in Paris which is lucky for Steven and Sam. He needs six hours to decrypt the memory stick but he can locate the computer that made it to Moscow in seconds.

The vintage postcards of each city they visit are another nice touch. I wonder if they blew most of the budget on travel for the Pilot. We will see, if the rest of the season takes place in the US or really fake foreign cities we know. If they faked all these locations they did a good job.

Why do they drive ugly Russian cars, don’t they know every respectable Russian businessman drives a BMW nowadays.

Realistic time frame, they are in Moscow preparing when crypto guy calls. There was information on classified weapon systems in those files. Bummer, now they think Nash is a traitor.

They get all emotional about how they meet and how this reminds them of that. How did they meet? Over a firefight? Because that’s where I think they are heading now. They play well together. Sister calling with catering issues is going to be comic relief.

Leo doesn’t seem happy to see him. He doesn’t want to be rescued. I had that feeling all the time. So are they there to sabotage Leo’s plans? Sam turns up and their nine months together comes up before they are surprised by a Russian who dies in a hail of bullets and they have to run for it.

They hear that Slotsky is in the building and now it is Sam’s turn to go all Rambo. Talking about Rambo, the Russians have an RPG they fire at the escaping Steve and Leo. The style is really playful and they got all the toys out.

Slotsky tries to flee in his SUV and Sam goes after him in the boxy orange car. Wait a minute; I think I recognize this ‘Russian’ power plant. Another agent was here on Monday but they had no car left, they had to use the escape bus. I start to think of a Chuck-Undercovers crossover that would be something.

That woman got mad skills, when a pistol is not enough and Slotsky sprays bullets over her windscreen she unpacks the grenade launcher! Pop goes the launcher and up goes the car and the arms dealer. Who to my surprise crawls out of the car to get a signature kick on the chin from Mrs Samantha Bloom.

I was wrong Hoyt is still the adoring sidekick and Mr Dry offers the Blooms a Job. So that was the sinister plan? I am a bit disappointed. Oh, I got to smile. You can see how much it hurts inside Carlton to accept their demands to take the job.

The pilot starts in bed and ends in bed which is kind of fitting for a show that is called Undercovers.

Not bad, not bad at all. Undercovers is delightful entertainment with some sexy spy action. I don’t think there was anything in the pilot that really surprised me but I had fun watching it and I will definitely watch it next week too.