Past Life episode 2 (New TV Series)

I don’t have high expectations after watching the pilot, but I have hope. Kate and Price is similar to many other pairs on TV but I feel myself rooting for them. And I was pleasantly surprised.

The team meets a young woman named Corrine, who is dealing with addiction. While Corrine is in a regression state, some details of a violent crime are uncovered. Then Kate and Price hope to uncover Corrine’s involvement in that crime, which could help an innocent death row prisoner from his execution.

Unlike the pilot there is consistent research, some real detective work this episode. I enjoyed that we got to see them make the grunt work themselves. They didn’t pull any FBI  agents out of a hat either.

Character wise there is still places they could be going, but they have to go there soon, the show so far is pretty generic. Kate can do better, where are her quirks? beside having a chip on her shoulders for any unbelievers? and Priece could do with a little more edge in my opinion. He did lash out about his first meeting with Kate.

Malachi and Rishi have some kind of side story about a paper Rishi is making. Still not much to talk about. Rishi did register a bit, I look forward to see what role he will step into when he is all out in the light.

The sauna scene sure was a crowd pleaser, a real FOX moment there.