Free online Scifi: Empire Series by Richard Stotts

I recently finished The 5 Empire books:

Book I: Midshipman pdf
Book II: Heir to the Throne pdf
Book III: Majesty pdf
Book IV: Acheon pdf
Book V: Citizen of the Empire pdf

I know nothing about the Author except his name. Full name should be Richard Allen Stotts. He is sometimes referred to as Richard A. Stotts. I hope he writes more and that he will be published. He is good, maybe a bit rough around the edges.

Now I have to take a pause while reading Prototype, a story I found while doing research for this article.

Prototype was great. Its about a 10 year old boy that is a prototype for the perfect soldier when the project is canceled and he is taken in as a foster son by an ordinary family.

Back to Empire. It takes place in a far future where humanity is governed by an Emperor elected by his predecessor. Its about a boy from a Free Trader family that has an uncanny aptitude for piloting and leadership.

At first the story seemed a bit rough, but eventually you come to love the characters. Its well written with a lot of emotional events. Seems to me Richard should be published by someone soon.

I can warmly recommend the Empire series.

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