Undaunted by Mike Shepherd (Kris Longknife 7)

Kris have the watch and the rest of the crew are asleep when The Wasp enter another of those newly discovered worm holes out in the Rim. It comes out just as the probe sent ahead is destroyed by laser fire from 2 Peterwald cruisers engaged in a fight with an alien Death Ball.

To her surprise the Iteeche don’t fire back, they are indeed on a diplomatic mission to her grandfather Trouble. If you expected that to play out in this book you are wrong. Kris is sent to the planet Texarkana to keep it in support of the king in the coming constitution poll bringing the Iteeche along.

The rest is an enjoyable rumble.

I don’t know when the next book will be published. Maybe next summer? It ought to be about the next mission kris is sent to before she is sent to the iteeche (quite annoying to be honest, why all these side stories before the big beef)