Short Reviews

I have some books that has been on my to be reviewed list a long time. Instead on living with a bad conscience I decided to make a few short reviews to give you an idea about them. Hera are the first four.


Palimpsest by Catherynne M Valente (Bantam Spectra 2009)

This is a great book or so people keeps telling me but I never got into it. I tried and I tried time and again but we never hit it off. The prose is beautiful but the story is way to diffuse for my liking. I guess I just like a story clearly told.

Julian Comstock by Robert Charles Wilson (Tor 2009)

A beautiful story of friendship set in a different future world after some kind of disaster where society returned to simpler times under a religious dictatorship.  It has great characters and a great story. I always liked rebels and the narration is charming. This novel really deserves a full review.

Vishnu at the Cat Circus (Cyberbad Days) by Ian McDonald (Pyr/Gollancz 2009) – a novella

A boy’s story from a genetic wonder to the discard pile and the wisdom taught. The setting is future India on the verge of Singularity. Oscar nominated and well worth it. Every page is full of ideas. I really liked the story.

Ashes and Stars (Omega Point Trilogy book 1) by George Zebrowski (Ace 1977)

Father and son wake up 300 years after a terrible war bent on revenge. They have a marvelous ship at their disposal and start to wreak havoc.  But things are not as they seems and the son has his own ideas. Rather flat characters and story made me not read more.