Samantha ‘Sam’ Carter on Stargate SG-1 [Female Protagonists on SF TV]

I like female protagonists and this is homage to the ones on science fiction television. It is also an excellent excuse for showing off some of the most beautiful and talented actresses we have. I go back and re watch episodes and series all the time and I hope you will to.

Colonel Samantha Carter is one hell of a character. I still remember when she first joined the new SG-1 team as a young Captain, she has grown quite a lot since then. Before joining SG-1 she worked with the Pentagon trying to get the Stargate to work and she also fought in the Gulf War logging over than 100 hours in enemy airspace.

In SG-1 she quickly becomes one of the pivotal characters. She is a strong woman, a brilliant scientist and a convincing military leader. The series focus on their adventures but a large part is also character development and over the years we get to know her family, her past and her love affairs including the one she is not having. Wikipedia has a great article about Samantha Carter where you can read all the details. My favorite memories of Samantha is when she is joined with the Tok’ra Jolinar in season 2, when she is marooned alone on the starship Prometheus and the episode her father is about to die and she saves him with a Tok’ra symbiot. Which are your’s?

Stargate SG-1

This is one of my favorite SF series it got wonderful characters, humor and suspense. You know I like bickering and banter and here you get that in abundance.

SG-1 is the original Stargate series that follows the adventures of SG-1, an elite military unit in the secret Stargate Command. It continues the story from the 1994 film Stargate when the US explore the Stargate network left by the Ancient and fight the alien Goa’uld. The group is lead by Jack O’Neill played by the legendary Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) and Samantha is their science officer.

Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis takes the adventures to the Pegasus galaxy and the original City of Atlantis. The main enemy this time is the Wraith, a vampiric alien race. Lt Colonel Samantha is a recurring character until season four when she takes command over the city. In the fifth and final season she figures in a few episodes. The reason she left SGA was to pursue her new show Sanctuary.

Stargate Universe

SGU takes humanity further than ever before when a rag tag group of refugees from an exploding planet stumbles on to the Destiny; a starship powered by the stars themselves billions of light years from earth. Samantha guest stared in the pilot and in the assault on the Lucian Alliance Base in the season finale. SGU returns September 28 with season two.

Name: Samantha Carter
Portrayed by: Amanda Tapping

Shows: Stargate SG-1 (10 seasons) , Stargate Atlantis (Season 4, recurring 1-3,5 ), Stargate Universe (guest star 2 episodes)
Genre: Military Science Fiction
Channel: Syfy

Amanda Tapping

Amanda is one of my favorite actresses she currently portrays Dr. Helena Magnus in the Syfy channel series Sanctuary (see my post Dr. Helena Magnus on Sanctuary) that returns September 28.

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