Apr 052010

This is filming season for some mighty interesting new shows like Betwixt (CW) and The Gates (ABC). They were using real wolves on the later according to Janina Gavankar who plays Leigh Turner on the show that will air this summer. Hope we will see some promo pics soon.

Back to already filmed TV. No new or returning SF this week, Just some shows that feel as New as they started.

Monday is Chuck’s (NBC) night as Sarah, Shaw and Chuck reunite to find the Ring operative who killed Shaws wife. But don’t forget that there is also Castle (ABC), I know it’s non SF but Nathan Fillion is reason enough to look forward to. I will also watch Saving Grace’s (TNT) second episode in the final season of the series. I was a bit disappointed in the season premiere last week it felt a bit colorless compared to earlier but I for one hope it will pick up with some angel and crime action this time.

Tuesday is the night most folks watch Lost, I will go for V (ABC). The new version of V is really picking up, tonights episode is A Pound of Flesh. I will dabble in NCIS and The Good Wife outside SF.

Wednesday is Human Target, in my reality Chance’s power of adaption and ability to shake any skill he needs out of his sleeves is SF enough.

Thursday is Fringe day, just the name of this episode is enough Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver to want to watch it. I might watch some FlashForward (ABC) but there is a big risk that Bones wins that competition, sorry SF. I still store up Vampire Diaries to watch in one go. The Winchester brothers will have 99 Problems in tonights Supernatural but they get help from a very peculiar town.

STARGATE UNIVERSE -- "Divided" Episode 112 -- Pictured: (l-r) Mark Burgess as Jeremy Franklin, Jamil Walker Smith as Msgt. Ronald Greer -- Syfy Photo: Carole Segal

Friday is Stargate Universe time, tonight’s episode is called Divided. I might save Ghost Whisperer and Medium to watch later.

Rest of the week is not much unless you live in the UK and can watch Dr Who.

Mar 292010

This is a good week for science fiction on TV. We have many fantastic shows returning from hiatus this week V, Fringe, and Stargate Universe. SGU is my favorite new show and the spring season promises lots of goodies.

Saving Grace is returning for it’s 4th and sadly last season. Watch it if you can, Holly Hunter is such a strong talented actress that you should watch it only because she is in it and the rest of the cast is not long after.

You should also watch Chuck this week as he tries to win Sarah back (Monday NBC Chuck vs the American Hero), this should be the last episode before the original season finale (6 more episodes where ordered and they will follow a different arc).

I almost bit my nails off waiting on the resolution on the cliffhanger from last week’s Castle. It’s not a genre show, but it is so good.

There is also a new pilot on Friday from CBS – Miami Medical I might watch.

Saving Grace 4.01 Let’s Talk (Season Premiere)

Monday TNT

Grace Hanadarko is back!

In the final season, Grace is forced to examine the possibility that her life has a divine purpose. Among the storylines the final nine episodes will explore will be a tragic accident that will change Grace’s life, a new phase in Grace’s relationship with Ham, a major life change for Perry and secret revelations about Butch’s past. All the while, Earl will continue to be a part of Grace’s life as he steers her towards a destiny even he doesn’t understand fully.

After surviving a fall, Grace decides to talk with God. But before she can do that a stranger will tell increase something. Ham and his dad don’t see eye to eye now that Ham is involved with his brother’s widow.

The squad will have to figure out what will happen to the dog in a mauling.

V 1.05 – Welcome to the War (Spring Premiere)

Tuesday ABC

In the last cliffhanger episode, several key plot and character points were revealed: Erica had lost control over Tyler, as she discovered he was now on the Mothership with Anna and Lisa , and she also learned that Ryan was a Visitor; Father Jack was stabbed by the Vs’ security guard from the warehouse, where evidence of experimenting on humans had been discovered; Valerie revealed that she’s pregnant by Ryan (a 1/2 alien and 1/2 human baby); and Chad, while doing a report on the Vs’ healing center during which he had himself medically scanned, was told he has a potentially fatal aneurysm in his brain – will he let the Vs cure him and be indebted to them?

As the story continues, Erica finds her life in danger when she’s attacked at home; a dangerous new member is recruited for the Resistance, as the Visitors shore up their defenses; Anna wonders why Chad hasn’t followed up on his diagnosed aneurysm; and Ryan’s concern grows over Val’s “abnormal” pregnancy

Fringe 2.15 – Peter (Spring Premiere)

Thursday on Fox

I have been longing for Fringe to start again, these long hiatus in the middle of an arc is so annoying especially after the emotional cliffhanger of the winter finale where Olivia discovered that Peter was from the other dimension. The 2nd season resumes now with eight all-new and uninterrupted episodes.

Walter flashes back to 1985 while explaining Peter’s otherworldly origins to Olivia. Also, Peter’s mother (guest star Orla Brady) is introduced, and details of the neighboring world reaffirms that there is more than one of everything.

Stargate Universe 1.11 – Space (Spring Premiere)

Friday Syfy

Another series that I liked a lot even before hiatus is SGU, now we will get more space and aliens, what more could one wish for?

The Destiny crew discover a piece of Ancient technology that transports Young to an unknown alien vessel.

Aug 172009

Today I am busy writing on my book. There is a lot of research to do, so I am afraid there won’t be much written here today.

I read that Saving Grace one of the best TV series around, is being ended next summer. That makes me sad, Holly Hunter is awesome as Grace.

Sometimes I am slow at catching up on my TV watching. I have an entertainment deficit! But now I have seen the unaired pilot and the 13th unaired episode of Joss Whedons Dollhouse. They are a whole lot more compelling than the aired 12 episodes. They should have let Josh do it his way. If I remember correctly, Fox also fucked up Firefly, by mixing up the storyline. Firefly is one of my favorites, but they mixed up the order of the episodes.

Jun 172009

Grace Hanadarco is a kick-ass Criminal Detective with a live in Angel named Earl. This season kicks off with an abused woman who also sees Earl getting shoot. Who is she? Why did she get shot? Are they terrorists? There is a mysterious X behind it all. Earl is worried about Grace. Ham and Grace repaint a bridge red on the drunk. Grace tells Ham about Earl, but he doesn’t believe her. Then he starts to give her grief over it…

Btw Saving Grace also has a excellent intro. TNT has many of my favorite TV Series.They do know drama.

Mar 072009

I have this weird obsession with TV, wonder if it have anything doing with growing up with two not very interesting public channels? I remember sitting in front of the TV being bored out of wits and waiting for something good coming on.

These are some of the TV Series I watch:

Battlestar Galactica (4)
Great acting, thou something is lacking in the feelings. This show is nearing its end. There is a prequel series coming up on scifi channel: Caprica

Bones (5)
This show has had its ups and downs solid ensemble tho, good dynamics keeps it interesting


Interesting new series. Eliza from Buffyand Tru Calling plays Echo. Is still a bit unsure about it tho.

Eleventh Hour (4-5)
The UK series was excellent and thought provoking, the US series not as much. Of course the actors of the UK series where in a different league than the American.

House (5)
Who doesn’t like a grumpy old man. I also like the way it reinvents itself.

Lie to me (4)
A team of living truth detectors solves crimes and other problems

Medium (4)
I thought this show was nearing its end in season 3, but it proved me wrong in season 4. Haven’t started with season 5 yet.

Merlin (5)
Young Merlin, a refreshing series out of UK.

NCIS (5)
Wonderful dynamics, great actors.

Sanctuary (4)
Amanda Tappings new series after Stargate is interesting, hope it will get better after the first season.

Saving Grace (5)
Vixen female detective with a living in Angel solves crimes tho that is not really important.

Supernatural (5)
It’s like this ultimately Road Movie with two Brothers that kills Ghosts and have a lot of sex. What’s not to like?

The Beast (4)
Pretty good new series. wonder if it will get more than one season?

The Big Bang Theory (5)
Good cast, hilarious jokes if you like geeks like me.

The Burn Notice (5)
Great show good dynamics – hell of a gf there Michael, annoying intro tho. Great ending of the 2nd season.

The Closer (5)
Wonderfull dynamics, love all the actors.

The Mentalist (5)
Charming mentalist solves crimes with the FBI

True Blood (5)
Wonderful southern ambiance with a vampiric love angle. Love the doggies also.

Trust Me (3)
New comedy, might get better

The scary thing is that this is only a few of the shows that I watch.