What’s New or Returning on TV This Week (April 5 – 11)

This is filming season for some mighty interesting new shows like Betwixt (CW) and The Gates (ABC). They were using real wolves on the later according to Janina Gavankar who plays Leigh Turner on the show that will air this summer. Hope we will see some promo pics soon.

Back to already filmed TV. No new or returning SF this week, Just some shows that feel as New as they started.

Monday is Chuck’s (NBC) night as Sarah, Shaw and Chuck reunite to find the Ring operative who killed Shaws wife. But don’t forget that there is also Castle (ABC), I know it’s non SF but Nathan Fillion is reason enough to look forward to. I will also watch Saving Grace’s (TNT) second episode in the final season of the series. I was a bit disappointed in the season premiere last week it felt a bit colorless compared to earlier but I for one hope it will pick up with some angel and crime action this time.

Tuesday is the night most folks watch Lost, I will go for V (ABC). The new version of V is really picking up, tonights episode is A Pound of Flesh. I will dabble in NCIS and The Good Wife outside SF.

Wednesday is Human Target, in my reality Chance’s power of adaption and ability to shake any skill he needs out of his sleeves is SF enough.

Thursday is Fringe day, just the name of this episode is enough Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver to want to watch it. I might watch some FlashForward (ABC) but there is a big risk that Bones wins that competition, sorry SF. I still store up Vampire Diaries to watch in one go. The Winchester brothers will have 99 Problems in tonights Supernatural but they get help from a very peculiar town.

STARGATE UNIVERSE -- "Divided" Episode 112 -- Pictured: (l-r) Mark Burgess as Jeremy Franklin, Jamil Walker Smith as Msgt. Ronald Greer -- Syfy Photo: Carole Segal

Friday is Stargate Universe time, tonight’s episode is called Divided. I might save Ghost Whisperer and Medium to watch later.

Rest of the week is not much unless you live in the UK and can watch Dr Who.