Warehouse 13 Season Finale [TV Review]

Pete and Myka fly the Ikaros’ wings out of the pyramid trap H. G. Wells left them in. The hunt is on but Pete feels like a girl when he is the first one to say I love you before he goes with Myka to Paris.

Claudia is freaked out about the whole becoming the warehouse’s guardian. But Artie promises her she is in charge of her life, she decides.

Helena makes her French lawyer step into black goo before running off from the corpse of her daughter. The mystery picture gets its explanation when H. G. assemble the first weapon of mass destruction.

Kelly gets a gift in the mail. The note says it is from Pete. Then Helena calls and tells him to check on Kelly. Which he does but she comes for him with a knife. Because she loves him. H. G. sent her an ax murderess powder box.

H. G. Wells is totally bonkers! She is going to cause another ice age to cleanse the world giving it a chance to recuperate. Myka talks her down after Artie shoots her and take the damage himself. The Regents take her away.

Kelly is moving, she wants a simple life. I feel sorry for Pete as he contemplates quitting. Myka talks him into staying on, much like with Wells. Then Myka gives her letter of resignation to Mr. Fredric. Her trusting Wells almost destroyed the world.

Does that mean Myka will not be there next season? That ending surprised me. We have to wait until next summer to find out. Warehouse 13 is likely to be renewed but you never know.

The regents didn’t bronze H. G. Wells, I wonder where they put her. Any theories?

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