Serpent Mage by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (Death Gate 4)

As they travel trough the death gate Haplo’s dog pushes Alfred overboard. Alfred ends up in a Sartan sleeping chamber on Celesta, the realm of water. He wakes them up of course.

Haplo is severely punished after he lied to his Nexus lord before he is sent off to Celesta.

Celeste is a world of  water where the mensch move from seamoon to seamoon as the seasun move trough the sea. The humans, elves and dwarfs live together in harmony believing in the One god. The main characters are: 

  • Grundle Dwarven princess
  • Alake human princess
  • Saiba an elven princess
  • Devon is Saibas fiance
  • Hartmut is a dwarvenwarrior and Grundles betrothed

Alfred wakes the  the original council of seven that originaly sunderd the world. The Arch enemies of Haplo.

Haplo drops in on the mensch after they have been attacked by a mystic force of Sea Serpents that seams to thrive on fear. Now he is torn between helping the mensch and fulfilling his mission of creating chaos and conflict. He also has his peoples old enemies in reach if he uses the mensch to attack the Sartans, he could return to his lord in triumph. 

We begin to se the real enemy…