5 Secret Agents in Science Fiction Litterature

Here are five secret agents for some easy summer reading. It is also my personal line of progression with secret agents in Scifi. As a kid I started out with Cap Kennedy along with other YA flavored SF like Perry Rhodan, the Dumarest Saga, Venus Prime and such.

Before reading Paul Anderson’s Flandry series of a far future where a crumbling and decadent empire need saving from crafty aliens. You can get the Dominic Flandry series in new omnibus releases, but they probably win the contest of bad covers (James Bond like man draped in nude/semi nude women).

I upped my game a bit when it came to secret agents with Morgan Roche in the Evergence Trilogy.

Cally was inherited from John Ringo’s Posleen series and I came to that from John Ring & David Weber’s excellent Prince Roger series (That one is still one of my favorites). I might in fact have read Neal Asher’s Agent Cormac series before Cally’s War but I wanted to finish with the best.


Cap Kennedy of F.A.T.E

Author: Gregory Kern (pseudonym for Edwin Charles Tubb)

Cap Kennedy, is space opera in the style of Perry Rhodan. Known as F.A.T.E. in the UK (where only the first six books have ever been published), the novels follow the adventures of Captain Kennedy, an intergalactic investigator and Free Acting Terran Envoy (F.A.T.E.) of the Mobile Aid Laboratories and Construction Authorities (M.A.L.A.C.A.) who is assisted by his team of companions, engineer Penza Saratov, veteran scientist Professor Jarl Luden, and the human chameleon Veem Chemile. Tubb wrote 17 Cap Kennedy novels, all under the pseudonym Gregory Kern.

Galaxy of the Lost Slave Ship from Sergan Monster of Metelaze Enemy within the Skull Jewel of Jarhen Seetee Alert! The Gholan Gate The Eater of Worlds Earth Enslaved
Planet of Dread Spawn of Laban The Genetic Buccaneer A World Aflame The Ghosts of Epidoris Mimics of Dephene Beyond the Galactic Lens The Galactiad

Dominic Flandry

Author: Poul Anderson

Dominic Flandry is the central character in the second half of Poul Anderson’s Technic History science fiction. He first appeared in 1951.

The space opera series is set in the thirty-first century, during the waning days of the Terran Empire. Flandry is a dashing field agent of the Imperial Intelligence Corps who travels the stars to fight off imminent threats to the empire from both external enemies and internal treachery. His long-time archenemy is Aycharaych, from the planet Chereion, a cultured but ruthless telepathic spymaster who weaves plots for the expansionistic rival empire of the alien Merseians. Similar to the James Bond stories (which started two years later), every new adventure brings Flandry another beautiful damsel to woo and rescue.

The illegitimate son of a minor nobleman, Flandry rises to considerable power within the decadent Empire by his own wits, and enjoys all the pleasures his position society gives him. Still he is painfully conscious of the impending fall of the Terran Empire and the subsequent “Long Night” of a galactic Dark Age. His career is dedicated to holding it off for as long as possible. In time, he passes the mantle to his daughter Diana, who is also illegitimate.

Flandry is willing to disregard conventional morality and use his foes’ tactics against them. He can cheerfully deceive, seduce, and blackmail; grimly and regretfully, he mind-probes his son into a vegetable in A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, and in that same book, bombards Aycharaych’s homeworld of Chereion into radioactive ruin to punish Aycharaych for his part in fostering trouble in the marches of the empire.


  • Ensign Flandry (1966)
  • A Circus of Hells (1970)
  • The Rebel Worlds (1969)
  • A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (1974)
  • A Stone in Heaven (1979)
  • The Game of Empire (1985)


  • Agent of the Terran Empire (1965)
  • Flandry of Terra (1965)

Morgan Roche

Author: Sean Williams & Shane Dix

Morgan Roche is an intelligence agent for the Commonwealth of Empires and the protagonist in the Evergence Trilogy.

  • The Prodigal Sun (1999)
  • The Dying Light (2000)
  • The Dark Imbalance (2001)

Cally O’Neal

Author: John Ringo

Co-written with Julie Cochrane, this series is more cloak and dagger spy genre fiction as the humans strive to overcome the game rigged by the Darhel race which has the rest of the galaxy’s races in virtual thralldom—except for the Posleen and humans whom they fear, while they systematically use humans to combat the Posleen while bleeding the humans when and where possible by underhanded clandestine acts to weaken future options of humanity.

Cally’s War Series

Hedren War

Agent Ian Cormac

Author: Neal Asher

Ian Cormac is an agent for Earth Central Security and the protagonist for the Agent Cormac series. I recently reviewed the books here on Cybermage.

Agent Cormac Series