Jaine Fenn’s DayBreak Fiction: “A Mirror of Life”

I came across a new online story by one of my favorite authors Jaine Fenn on Facebook today. It’s an optimistic short story about AIs that supposedly know what’s best for us and a humanity that might disagree.

As Jaine says on her website: While I was away a somewhat atypical story of mine, ‘A Mirror to Life’ has been posted up at ‘DayBreak’ magazine, the online story website for the recently released and already much acclaimed ‘Shine’ anthology of near-future optimistic SF. Yes, I know, I don’t usually write near-future optimistic SF; like I say, a somewhat atypical story.

DayBreak Magazine is the online fiction part of the Shine anthology. It will features a story every second Friday until the print Shine anthology appears and a bit beyond (it is out now).

Please note that that the stories featured in DayBreak Magazine are not appearing in the print anthology: these are different stories. They were also submitted to Shine, and while the editor couldn’t include them in the print anthology, he liked them so much that he is featuring them on Daybreak.

I like “A Mirror of Life”, it got a good narration of a clone in gravity for the very first time and the benevolent dictatorship of the machines is an interesting theme. Guardians of Paradise the third book in Jaine’s Hidden Empire Series is coming out later this year. You can read my reviews of Principles of Angels and Consorts of Heaven

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