The Next Hidden Empire Book: Bringer of Light by Jaine Fenn (Cover & Blurb) [Books for 2011]

I am taking a look at the releases for next year in preparation for my pick for 2011 to be published later. You will see more posts now and then up to when I publish the list.

It is no secret that Jaine Fenn is one of my favorite authors. I have her latest book Guardians of Paradise in fresh memory. Her publishing schedule is pretty regular with one book a year. She has a contract for a fourth and fifth book in the Hidden Empire series (it is sometimes called the Sidhe series). The book here is Bringer of Light and the 2012 book is Queen of Nowhere .

I got the cover to the left from Jaine and she told me it has been slightly tweaked (here), to make it obvious that there is a ship running away from the mayhem (Jarek’s ship – obviously).

Jaine writes wonderful books. Her world-building and characterization is lifelike, different and a joy to read. I see the protagonists in her novels grow and become more, much more than they were before. There is a great historical mystery at the bottom of this series, The Sidhe was defeated in a revolution and thought to be extinct but we learn very early in the series that that is not the case. Book three revealed more background and this one promise more on the elusive male Sidhe as well as bringing a planet population that has been lied to and kept in barbarism into the fold of galactic civilization.

Each novel in the Hidden Empire series is self-contained, though certain locations and characters re-occur, and the books come together to tell a larger story.

Read Blurb and release information below.

This book will most likely have a place on my picks for 2011.


Title: Bringer of Light
Series: Hidden Empire/Sidhe book 4
Author: Jaine Fenn
Genre: Space Opera
Hardback: 356 pages
Publisher: Gollancz ( July 2011)

Order from: Amazon UK

Jarek Reen is trying to save a lost world. He discovered the primitive theocracy of Serenein by accident, and now he wants it to take its place in human-space. To do this he needs a shiftspace beacon – without it, there is no way to find the planet again. The beacons were made by the Sidhe, the race that originally gave humanity access to the stars – and dominated human-space for millennia, before a coalition of human rebels and Sidhe males brought the evil Sidhe females down. Most people think the Sidhe are long dead, but Jarek knows better: a renegade female Sidhe is one of his companions, and a male Sidhe gave her and her lover the special powers that made them Angels, very unusual trained assassins. Jarek’s only hope is to find Aleph, the hidden system where the last Sidhe males are rumoured to live. But even if he can persuade these eccentric, introspective beings to put aside their interminable internal squabbles, he still has to persuade Serenein that joining the rest of humankind is a good thing …for the price of progress is likely to be high. Can he stop it turning into tragedy?

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