Issue 15 of Expanded Horizons – A Short Review

From their mission statement. Speculative fiction is any fiction which asks, at its core, “What if?” Speculative fiction encompasses science fiction (SF), fantasy, horror, slipstream, and other speculative genres.

The mission of this webzine is to increase diversity in the field of speculative fiction, both in the authors who contribute and in the perspectives presented. We feature speculative fiction stories and artwork, as well as essays about speculative fiction and fandom from diverse points of view.

This issue contains

  • Urban Phantoms by Anne Abad
    The story blends mythos, fantasy and social fiction with the merciless wrath of nature for our thoughtless and unstopped pollution. It starts high and ends low. A strong story.
  • Miss Lonelyhearts by Georgina Bruce
    It is a Zombie story with a real feminine twist. I liked it, it got spunk and action.
  • Silver Veins by Michele Lee
    Science fiction horror about an alienated woman on a quest for peace.
  • Thrilling Wonder Stories #52: The Invasion of the Zog by Lavie Tidhar
    A story about a very mysterious alien invasion by the Zog. Very open ended.
  • Distant Deeps or Skies by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
    A socialy oppressed girl talks poetry with a homunculi. He is more human than the men around her.
  • Bijou LaVoix and the Coal Dust Faery by Malon Edwards
    An entertaining steampunk-fantasy about doing the right thing. Remained me a little of Mark Twains writing.
  • The Wedding Runner by Mint Kang
    Someone made a wedding pledge to the underworld and the underworld listened. Definite a horror story.
  • Jaded by Daniel Gene Barkley
    A very strong emotional story about a jaded woman. I liked the twist, very surprising.

Excellent issue with new authors I will have to take a closer look at. Don’t miss the biographies at the end.

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