Pink Noise by Leonid Korogodski [Book Review]

This is a real different novel, it is a posthuman tale about Nathi one of the best brain doctors in the solar system and how he saves a comatose girl and change the balance of power at the same time. It has a very unique tone and a lot of research has gone into it obvious by the 60 pages reference material at the end. This leaves only 130 pages of story which might sound little, but it is intense and packed with ideas which reminds me a bit of Hannu Rajaniemi’s work even if this is a completely different story. Nathi and his ‘patient’ are well developed characters even within the framework of this story of deception and perception though I would have preferred to get a bit more meat on their bones. That is probably me being lazy because Leonid’s story gets you thinking and speculating. It is not always clear to the reader or the character what is real and what is not and the silver platter with answers is often missing. You understand more of it after reading the reference material.

The Pink Noise of the title reference the part of a mind that doesn’t lend itself to digitalization.

Most of the action takes place around Mars. Posthumanity has been lead astray and a cure has to be delivered. Much is not what it seems. The world building is more implied than dumped but it is well executed.

It is worth reading just for the many ideas but the story has good characters and an interesting universe I wouldn’t mind learning more about. It is on the short side, I prefer books in the 400 plus pages range. It has some good action but it is quite a bit more cerebral than most action novels.

Leonid tells me he is working on a prequel to Pink Noise and it is turning out rather long.


Title: Pink Noise
Author: Leonid Korogodski
Genre: Posthuman Space Opera
Hardback: 190 pages
Publisher: Silverberry Press (2010)
Copy: Review copy from the author

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One of the best brain doctors of his time, Nathi lost his own brain five centuries ago when he became a posthuman. He is now called upon to save a comatose girl. The damage is extensive, so he decides to map his own mind into her brain in order to replace the damaged part. But something unexpected awaits him within the girl’s brain. She is a carrier of a Wish Fairy, an enigmatic sentient cyberbeing whose only purpose is to kill the Wish, a virus used to enslave all posthuman minds, including Nathi’s. Liberated, Nathi forms a symbiotic union with the girl, discovers the true cause of her brain injury, and finds a way to break out of the Castle, their high-tech prison, and into the Martian polar night. But once outside, the real chase begins. It is a battle that must be fought both in the physical world and that of the mind.