Caprica 1.09 – End of the Line Mid-Season Finale

I finally watched Caprica’s mid-season finale so here is my take. First of all this new shenanigan with long hiatus in the middle of ‘seasons’ is just annoying, please stop. It’s great with more than one ‘finale’ in a season but wait too long and it’s not a ‘season’ any more because you don’t remember the arc and care about it six months later it is two separate seasons. Now we have to wait six months before Caprica comes back.

End of Line for robot Zoe when Daniel decides that he will wipe the chip of the anomalies. When Lacy fails to deliver she turns to Philemon and tells him the truth only to be betrayed as he sends out an alarm, in desperation she kills him and hijack a minivan and takes to the roads with the military in hot pursuit. End of the Line at the roadblock she deciedes to ram.

End of the Line for Joseph Adama when he finally meet Tamara in V-world and she tells him he has to stop taking AMP and stop living his life looking for her. End of the Line as she shoots herself and then her father so that he can never return to V-world.

End of the Line for Amanda when she confronts Daniel about the accusations and he fails to answer. When her ‘friend’ Clairice brushes her off in her desperation Amanda looses contact with reality and eventually end up jumping from a bridge.

Clarice comes to End of the Line with Barnabas and in a final confrontation decides to go to Gemini to get sanction to remove him. End of the Line when she sees Amanda preparing to jump on that bridge and leave her car just before a bomb goes off destroying it.

End of the Line for innocent Lacy as she joins STO to help Zoe and her first mission is to put a ‘tracing device’ on Clariece’s key ring for Barnabas. End of the Line when she finaly relizes Barnabas and her boyfriend just used her to put a relay for a bomb on Clarice. End of the Line when Barnabas forces her at gun point to press the button and forever say bye, bye to innocence.

End of the Line for Daniel Graystone as he is forced to sell his beloved Pyramid team. End of the Line as the military move up his deadline to deliver 100.000 robot soldiers to a week from now! End of the Line when the military procurement officer tells Vergis “If you get the company, you’ll get the contract”. End of the Line as the phone rings in the closing scene.

It all ends in an enormous cliffhanger, what happened to robot Zoe, Amanda, the defence contract and what telephone call did Daniel received in the closing scene?

Caprica started up slow but has been picking up speed in the last few episodes which I think is essential for the show, unfortunately quite a few viewers might have abandoned the show before the tempo picked up and this hiatus thing will not help. I am afraid the network’s handling of the showings might wound the numbers unnecessary for an otherwise promising show.

I have been postponing to watch the last episode for a long time, there must be a reason for that. I want to like this show, I really do. I have tried and tried to convince myself it’s good.

I like to be able to love and root for the characters in a show and in Caprica they are hard to find and hold on to. As soon as I start to root for a characters the writers find a way to make me dislike or mistrusts that character. Zoe is one such character, in the beginning she behaved like brat, then I could feel sympathy for her trapped in the robot and now again she becomes more and more sinister. Daniel is another with bad parenting, stealing the chip, then we are supposed to feel sympathy for him when he is about to loose his company, the man treats his employees like shit. The only one i have some empathy left for is Lacy and I am not sure it’s enough to get me back to watching Caprica when it returns in six months.

I am afraid this could also be the End of the Line for me and Caprica, I will make an effort to watch the first 2-3 episodes but if I am not sold by then I am gone.