Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris (Southern Vampires 1)

I will be back with my view on the difference between the book and True Blood the tv series. I recommend that you read it and watch it.

After watching almost 2 seasons of the awesome True BloodTV series I, a compulsory reader, finally came around to the source. Charlaine Harris Southern Vampires Series have the same light, straightforward style the TV series have. It might not be Great Literature but I couldn’t lay them down when I started to read. I finished the 6 first books in less than five days. I understand that the book series was a success even before TV.

You all know the story: It’s about Sookie, a beautiful southern lady girl, who works as a barmaid, who is considered weird, who hears people’s thoughts and who is attracted to the dead silent type.

Dead Until Dark is about how she meets Bill the vampire and falls in love. You know the story from TV. The mystery is as in the TV series, who kills fang bangers?

A difference is that in the book, Bill gets a job with the Queen to protect Sookie and him from Eric. It is also Eric who kills the embezzling vampire bartender in the book, thus totally eradicating the subplot on the TV series where Bill has to take care of a teenage vampire.

One lovable recurring character from the books is missing from TV, Bubba. Elvis is never named in the books, but Bubba is the King. Something went wrong when he was turned though so he is mentally challenged and don’t react well to mentions of his former name or life.

Tara has a minor role in the book and Arlene is Sookies best friend.

You can safely say that the TV series have left the book story in parts. Though I think they are true to the feeling of the books.