Stargate Universe 1.09 – Visitation [TV Review]

It is quite funny when Rush tries to educate the crew about the ‘message’ from before the Big Bang and the only thing they are there for is fixing the still and he gives up in disgust.

That’s when the shuttle appears and the music goes all Moonbase Alpha. The Destiny has a Visitation from the dead. Robert Cain the messiahs and his fellow Edenits are back for a final farewell? Turns out they are dead and the powerful aliens that cooked up a solar system back where we left them last season decided to listen to Roberts prayers and bring shadows of them back to the destiny, giving them a new shiny shuttle as a bonus which might be the real reason for this metaphysical and interesting episode. Don’t worry they have not discovered god and Rush give a fairly good argument why the Visitation should not be gods work when Cain tries to convince him.

It takes some time before the crew figures out what they are but they notice from the beginning that that they don’t like being around soulless people. There are of course some paranoia and stuff along the way but hey who wouldn’t be suspicious in this situation.

TJ goes through a though time as she realizes her baby isn’t with them but she is resilient and regains some of herself in the end.

Chloe starts to say goodbye to people, seems like she has given up the fight against the Blueberry. Greer stands out a bit this episode too. He has an interesting talk with Scott about Chloe explaining about the role of a master sergeant. Calling him a butter bar lieutenant! I had to laugh when I heard that. Scott took it quite well all things considered. Greer then went on to a very strong emotional talk with Chloe where he asked her forgiveness in case he would have to kill her in the future and she gave it to him. It was a strong and utterly believable scene in my opinion. Chloe sends Scott away on the recommendation of Greer.

This might be one of the best SGU episodes so far and next week is the last episode before hiatus. I feel a long cliffhanger coming. The destiny comes across an old space battle, their arrival triggers a revival. The Destiny on the brink of destruction from a random ship graveyard or is this the replicators again, this time replicating a battle again and again? Time will tell.

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