Smallville season 8

I finished smallville season 8. 2 days of Clark Kent was quite enjoyable.

In the beginning of the season Chloe has Brainiac powers until the Fortress of Solitude can cure her. Unfortunate it also infects the fortress and turn it into Braniac. It also introduces David, the second passenger on Clark’s spaceship to Earth. He is Zod’s ‘son’ the Doomsday, aka the Beast.

Much of this season circles around David and his ‘destiny’ to destroy earth. There seems to be a hidden agenda behind it as ‘the orb’ will release some entity if Kar-El defeats Doomsday.

Chloe as a character has really bad season. Even on the happiest day of her life. When she marries Jim Olsen, she get kidnapped. And on the season finale David kills Jim who in his dying moments saves Chloe by killing David.

Lois is transported to the future.

The closing scene of the season is Zod materializing on the back yard of the Luthor masion

In my opinion they start to put too much soap opera intrigue and mystique into Smallville and too little from action the comics. The one episode villains from earlier season seems totally gone. Bring back some of the simplicity and elegance of earlier smallville, please.