Surrogates (Movie)

This is a future society where Surrogates have take over every day life. It starts out with two surrogates getting shot. Then they find her owner dead. You are not supposed to die if your surrogate is killed. Bruce Willis plays the cop that are assigned the crime. For being a person who are jacked in all the time he certainly keep his human counterpart fresh.

He and his wife have trouble with their relation as usually in Bruce Willis movies.

When the next victim is discovered dead it is clear that it is murder. The victim is the son Stone  the inventor of the surrogates.

They might have been out to murder his father as father and son shared surrogates. VSI plays the delay game. The military is like Counter Strike.

They find out there is a suspect. And Bruce goes after him as he heads for non-surrogate territory, He has a weapon he kills his followers with. Bruce disconnects and survive only to crash with his helicopter in a non-surrogate area. They destroy his surrogate. Human Coalition leaders protest the intrusion and preach revolution.

Bruce is injured but suspended because of the intrusion. He continues the investigation by himself. Visiting the surrogate free zone and interrogating its leader. A leader that now possesses the weapon.

His wife is a bitch two timing him, when he is in the hospital.

Agent Giers partner is killed and a remote operator takes over her to infiltrate. The Human Coalition is in possession of the weapon. The military invade and in the firefight the coalition leader is killed. He is a surrogate driven by the inventor of surrogates!  

Stone wants to change the world again. Killing all the surrogates and their owners.

Nice SciFi moment when all the surrogates shut down and real peaple starts to emerge.