New Cover Art: The Iron Jackal by Chris Wooding

I have really enjoyed Chris Wooding’s excellent retropunk novels Tales of the Ketty JayRetribution Falls and The Black Lung Captain was first and now this august it is time for The Iron Jackal.

I came across this new cover for the next Tale of the Ketty Jay earlier today. I must admit it is not quite what I expected, it seems to have lost some of the steampunk feeling from previous books and become more sleek and futuristic. What do you think?

Edit: This is an unfinished rough and the people behind the computer systems of most publishers are also responsible for Swiss cheese according to Chris himself

The Iron Jackal

by Chris Wooding (Tales of the Ketty Jay 3) Amazon US | UK (Gollancz August 2011)

There is no correct blurb out at the moment both Amazon and Gollancz has the old blurb from before Chris tossed it all and rewrote the thing.