The Big Bang Theory Season Premiere [TV Review]

The Big Bang Theory is a good way on becoming the new ‘Friends’ from what I hear from ratings and media. I, I like it because it is geeky and joke with fandom. The chemistry especially between Sheldon, Penny and Leonard is another reason I watch. In this weeks season premiere Penny learn that Sheldon has a girl friend and that he never have been on a date. Never knowing when to stop talking she ends up chaperoning Sheldon on his date. That part was hilarious.

Howard do have his moments this week he has his hands on a robotic hand made for the space station but knowing the Wolowitz mind set you will not have any problem imagine the use he puts it to. That scene with him in the hospital with Rajesh and Leonard was another high point in the premiere.

In general it was a snappy and fun season premiere that promises more of the same delightful geeky entertainment we have come to expect from The Big Bang Theory.

Next week Sheldon discover that he will not live long enough to be uploaded into a computer when he dies …