New Science Fiction Books in June 2010 Revisited

Lets have a look at June for books. I usually check my pre-orders mid May and then revisit the list around the start of June. These are the books I am interested in. I try to put new never before published books here, for me there is no difference if the book is first published in the US, UK or in Australia. The delivery time to the far north is about the same. So mates we are going for world’s first here.

Books are new once. But in the current distribution system books are released in different countries at different times as new releases and that makes perfect sense from a marketing point of view. A new release can also be an old book being republished which is good. Marketing is good, I want people to read more books but I also want new SF books, published for the very first time to have their own place here on my blog. This is my selection of new for the very first time, books that interest me.

There are many excellent bloggers out there with selections of new releases that might interest you. I can recommend Fantasy Book Critic’s extensive list or that you use the link section here on Cybermage to check out new releases yourself.

New Books On order

Title: Blood and Iron
Tony Bellantyne
Series: Penrose / Robot wars 2
Genre: Science Fiction
Hardback: 448 pages
Publisher: Tor UK
Order: Amazon US | UK

Appointed Commander of the Emperor’s Army of Sangrel, Wa-Ka-Mo-Do of Ko tries to establish relations between the existing robot population and the humans who have recently arrived on Yukawa.

On the continent of Shull, Kavan forms the Uncertain Army and is marching to Artemis City. Upon discovery that the city’s generals have made an alliance with the humans, he retreats to Stark where he plans the eventual overthrow of Artemis and the humans.

Meanwhile, Karel is heading South, hoping to be reunited with Susan, his wife. As he walks, he hears more of the stories of the robots, and begins to understand something about his place on the world of Penrose.

But with limited resources and tensions growing between robot and human it’s only a matter of time before problems arise. And it’s becoming more and more apparent that the humans are a lot more powerful than the robots first expected…

Title: Veteran
Author: Gavin G. Smith
Genre: Science Fiction
Paperback: 400 pages
Published: Gollancz
Order: Gollancz | Amazon UK

Three hundred years in our future, in a world of alien infiltrators, religious hackers, a vast convoying nation of Nomads, city sized orbital elevators, and a cyborg pirate king who believes himself to be a mythological demon Jakob is having a bad day:

“Nothing gets in the way of a hangover like being reactivated by your old C.O and told to track down an alien killing machine. The same kind of killing machine that wiped out my entire squad. And now it’s in my hometown.

My name is Jakob Douglas, ex-special forces. I fought Them. Just like we’ve all been doing for 60 bloody years. But I thought my part in that was done with.

My boss has other ideas. If I didn’t find the infiltrator then he’d let the Grey Lady loose on me. And believe me; even They’ve got nothing on her. So I took the job. It went to shit even faster than normal.

And now I’m on the run with this teenage hacker who’s had enough of prostitution. The only people I can rely on want to turn the internet into God. And now it turns out that They aren’t quite what we’d all thought.

I’ve been to the bottom of the sea and the top of the sky and beyond trying to get to the truth.

And I still can’t get far enough away from the Grey Lady.

All things considered I’d rather be back at home deep in a whiskey bottle.”

Veteran is a fast paced, intricately plotted violent SF Thriller set in a dark future against the backdrop of a seemingly never ending war against an unknowable and implacable alien enemy.

Title: Heavy Metal Pulp: The Bloodstained Man
Christopher Rowley
Series: Netherworld 2
Genre: Science Fiction | Cyberpunk
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Tor Books
Order: Tor | Amazon US | UK | B&N

I liked the first book, it was a tight little book. Read my review of Pleasure Model. No cover yet.

Following the explosive events of book one, Pleasure Model, Detective Rook Venner, Mistress Julia, and Plesur are on the run from the government troops trying to kill them and from a shadowy group that wants to capture Plesur alive for its own purposes. What secrets have been implanted in Plesur’s head—and why are they worth killing for?

Caught between these two powerful rivals, the trio hides out in the lawless New Jersey territory. Betrayed by gang members looking to collect the bounty on Plesur’s head, the three are separated, and Rook and Mistress Julia find themselves in mortal danger. Julia, given as a prize to a gang member, finds herself in chains, but not without her own means of fighting back. Rook, forced to fight for his life in the gang’s bloodthirsty gladiatorial games, must stay alive long enough to rescue Plesur, but time is running out.

The Bloodstained Man is a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled ride through a future where pleasure has a price, and Plesur holds the key to a secret that could rock the country to its very core

Other New Books of Interest

Title: Is Anybody Out There?
Editors: Nick Gevers & Marty Halpern
Genre: Science Fiction
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: DAW
Order: Amazon USUK | B&N

Beyond our skies…and imaginations.

Are we alone in the universe, and if not, who else-or what else-is out there? Here are thought-provoking stories that explore such questions as: Do intelligent species invariably destroy themselves by nuclear war or ecological collapse? Are the sentient aliens that do exist just too far away? Do they exist in forms beyond our comprehension? Are they among us, but undetectable? These are just some of the possibilities explored by a stellar lineup of contributors.

Title: Who Fears Death
Author: Nnedi Okorafor
Genre: Supernatural
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: DAW
Order: DAW | Amazon US | B&N

I have been interesting in getting into some African science fiction for some time now.

In a far future, post-nuclear-holocaust Africa, genocide plagues one region. The aggressors, the Nuru, have decided to follow the Great Book and exterminate the Okeke. But when the only surviving member of a slain Okeke village is brutally raped, she manages to escape, wandering farther into the desert. She gives birth to a baby girl with hair and skin the color of sand and instinctively knows that her daughter is different. She names her daughter Onyesonwu, which means “Who Fears Death?” in an ancient African tongue.

Reared under the tutelage of a mysterious and traditional shaman, Onyesonwu discovers her magical destiny-to end the genocide of her people. The journey to fulfill her destiny will force her to grapple with nature, tradition, history, true love, the spiritual mysteries of her culture-and eventually death itself.

Title: Threshold
Author: Eric Flint & Ryk E Spoor
Series: The Boundary
Genre: Science Fiction
Hardcover: 320 pages
Cover art: Bob Eggleton
Interior Illustrations: Keith Morrison
Publisher: Baen
Order: Baen | Amazon US | UK | B&N

When the strange fossil she’d discovered had ended up giving her a trip to Mars, Helen Sutter thought she’d gone about as far as any paleontologist would ever go in her lifetime. But when you’ve also married A.J. Baker, overconfident super- sensor expert for the only private agency in space ? the Ares Corporation — and your best friend Madeline Fathom Buckley is a former secret agent who’s just signed on as the chief of security for the newly created and already embattled Interplanetary Research Institute of the United Nations, there’s always somewhere farther to go.

The newest discoveries will take her, A.J., and their friends Jackie, Joe, and Madeline to the mysterious asteroid Ceres ? and beyond, in a desperate race to Jupiter’s perilous miniature system of radiation- bombarded moons. The next gold rush is on ? for alien technology, hidden in lost bases around the system. And there are people willing to do anything to get it ? even plan the first interplanetary war, four hundred million miles from home!