[Female Protagonists on SF TV] Wendy ‘Dub-Dub’ Watson on Middleman

Natalie Morales was great as Wendy Watson in the Middleman a Gem of pulp comic TV. I miss you Wendy!

Name: Wendy ‘Dub-Dub’ Watson
Portrayed by: Natalie Morales (White Collar)
TV series: The Middleman
Original Channel: ABC
Status: Ended after one season 2008

The Middleman’s slogan is “fighting evil so you don’t have to” and the character has been doing it for an unknown length of time. The Middleman is not just the incarnation in the current mini series; it is a job, a title, a persona that is handed down from Middleman to Middleman. There are no written records of the Middlemen throughout history; only Ida holds the answers to the present day Middleman’s predecessors. Each Middleman receives information via Ida from the “Organization Too Secret To Know” (O2STK). They carry out their orders in typical hero fashion and always save the day.

The series follows hero-by-day artist by night Wendy Watson as she tries to balance her normal life of boyfriends, mothers, and roommates with her more surreal adventures with the Middleman. She is presumably training to become the next Middleman.

Wendy ‘Dub-Dub’ Watson

Wendy was picked because the weird things that the Middleman deals with on a daily basis do not faze her. In many ways, she is the total opposite of The Middleman, which makes her even more perfect for the job.

She is an artist by passion and a temp-worker by necessity. On one of her temp-jobs, something went horribly wrong and she accidentally met The Middleman. He recruited her under the guise of the Jolly Fats Wehawkin Temp Agency and the rest is history that soon only Ida will know. Wendy’s roommate calls her “Dub-Dub”, for her initials “WW”, and reminiscent of the name of Doctor Dolittle’s housekeeper, a duck named Dab-Dab. The Middleman picked up on this nickname, and frequently calls her “Dubbie”.

Here is a video of the sayings of the Middleman

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