The New Season For Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans [Fall 2011]

Autumn is my favorite season not only because of the warm colors and cool temperatures but also for all the new and returning shows on TV.

The premieres feel a bit more spread out this year which is good with seven new genre shows and 11 returning. As usually the majority of the shows are some kind of urban fantasy while six at most can be called science fiction. No space travel this year either which is just sad. Isn’t there anyone to pick up the torch left by Stargate, BSG or Star Trek?

Let’s see if we can find any trends. There are two zombie shows on the schedule which is less than expected. Through AMC is hard to beat. I would say we have a new Saga trend this year with Grimm and Once Upon A Time but it is all dwarfed by the supernatural thrillers that are still going strong. We do have some new Horror too, maybe that is a trend?

August 29: Death Valley (MTV) [NEW]
– A supernatural cops parody

New show with 12 episodes. It had to happen sooner or later with all supernatural buzz – a parody on cops and everything supernatural. It follows a camera team that follows the San Fernando Valley Police as they deal with vampires, zombies and wares. The first episode lived up to my expectations – a bit of crazy dark humor and a couple of genre tropes. It started a little early for fall but I still include it. More …

September 4: Lost Girl (Showcase CA)
– The best Succubus hero & sidekick ever

Returning season two, 22 episodes. In season one Bo discovered she was a succubus and part of the Fae. Refusing to choose sides she becomes a troubleshooter for both Dark and Light Fae though they both want her to choose sides. She also flies the best sidekick ever, Kenzi and a love triangle with a werewolf detective and a human Fae researcher. Bo has some family secrets to uncover this season. Lost Girl has my warm recommendations, now also in the UK and US. More …

September 15: Secret Circle (CW) [NEW]
– a teenage-witch story

New show, 13 episodes. Cassie Blake’s mother dies in a fire and Cassie moves in with her grandmother. Her new high school classmates have a secret circle and with her in it, strong magical powers. At first she refuses to believe them but a kiss and some water magic convinces her. Then she finds her mother’s spell book and starts to understand that there is much more going on here than it seems. This looks dark and a bit soapy but could turn into Teen Wolf awesomeness if we are lucky. More …

September 15: Vampire Diaries (CW)
– the drama continues

Returning season three, 22 episodes.  Season three teases a blossoming relationship between Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) as Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) turn to the dark side. Stefan left town. Elena and Damon are alone in Mystic Falls to complicate their relationship further when the season returns with Elena’s birthday. “Over the course of the season, Elena will be struggling with a deep, deep attraction for Damon,” Plec said. “That’s going to be a big problem for her.” More …

September 22: Persons of Interests (CBS) [NEW]
– High Tech Crime Prevention

New show, 13 episodes. Extrapolate our current technology and apply significant funds to it and you could probably have something like what is used in this new show. It is not ‘real’ science fiction but rather CSI-Fi. Software that uses pattern recognition to identify people about to be involved in violent crimes is not far beyond what we are able to do. Here the billionaire inventor and a black ops specialist prevent crimes before they happen.  More …


September 22: The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
– The Geek Friends Show

Returning season five. One of my favorite shows and although it is not genre it is about fanboys and deserves a place on this list. Last season ended with some moves under the influence and now it is the morning after. So, Penny and Rajesh? Wonder how that goes down with Leonard? Find out that and more in the premiere ‘The Skank Reflex Analysis’ where Sheldon takes command of the Paintball team …

September 23: Fringe (Fox)
– Where is Peter?

Returning  season four, 22 episodes. Fringe is one of my favorite shows all categories. It is something of a modern Archive X with a great following even if one could be happier with the ratings. Last season ended in a game changer. Peter Bishop connected two universes with the machine then ceased to exist. This season starts with Peter gone. ‘Much has Changed’ is Fox theme for this new season. I can’t wait. More …


September 23: Supernatural (CW)
– Returns to road-movie action

Returning season seven, 23 episodes. Castiel is getting up in The Winchesters’ grill with the whole ‘I am God’ thing. That is going down as well as you can imagine. According to Executive Producer Sara Gamble this season will be ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-inspired’ with Sam and Dean on the run from Castiel. Then there is the whole leaking memory block to deal with too. Less Noir and more back to the road-movie action?

September 26:  Being Erica (Soapanet)
– Final season

Final season four, 13? episodes. This final season turns the tables as Erica is about to take on her first patient. She passed Dr. Tom’s test at the end of season three and has now become a trainee doctor. Creator Jana Sinyor said ‘This is going to be a big year for Erica, and by the end of it – she will have finished the journey she started…’.

September 26: Terra Nova (Fox) [NEW]
– Dino-time-traveling adventures

New show, 13 episodes. The Shannon family joins Terra Nova through a temporal worm hole from the year 2149 not knowing its location 85 million years in the past at the height of the dinosaur era. There are some hard asses running the colony from what we seen on the trailers. It is reasonable to expect most of the action to take place in the past but some will also portrait the doomed world they left behind. I imagine something like Jurassic Park meets the Robinson Family.

October 5: American Horror Story (FX) [NEW]
– unsuspecting family moves in

New show, 13 episodes. The Harmond family moves into a bizarre Los Angeles mansion with their teenage daughter. Said to be a ‘psychosexual thriller’ featuring a creepy maid, a guy in a rubber suit creeping around the ceiling, the mandatory nosy neighbor and many more. Horror isn’t really my thing but I will check it out. That maid was rather good looking…

October 7: Sanctuary (Syfy)
– the best green screen show around

Returning season four, 13 episodes. Amanda Tapping is back as Helena Magnus the head of the Sanctuary network as abnormal starts to flood the earth after the destruction of Praxis, the underground city. Helena is in hot pursuit of the man responsible, Adam Worth (Dr Jekyll & Hyde). Who fled to the past in an attempt to save his daughter. Last season was really good so this is a given.

October 16: The Walking Dead (AMC)
– In the country with zombies

Returning season two, 6+6 episodes. This was the great new shows last year. Now it is back with more than the double number of episodes and zombies. Season 2 picks up about five seconds in an overlap with the first season’s finale according to what we learned at Comic Con. The group has just left the CDC and head for a more rural setting. For fans of the graphic novels I can reveal that Hershel’s farm will be in this season and maybe we will see the Prison and the Governor too. More …


October 21: Chuck (NBC)
– A Tearful Goodbye Season

Final season 5, 13 episodes. I love Chuck. Saddly the little show that could survive against all odds will end this season. One of the last things that happened in the last season finale was Morgan involuntary downloaded the Intersect. Chuck becomes Morgan’s new handler as the team continue its mission to protect the Intersect. Their venture into the private sector offends The Verbanski  Corp headed by former spy Gertrude Verbanski (Matrix’s Anne Moss) which will intrigue Casey since Gertrude and he are long time rivals, sort of. Will Casey ever find the love he deserves? Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) will also drop by to play a villain early in this season. I hate to see Chuck go but at least we will get closure.

October 21: Grimm (NBC) [NEW]
– Van Helsing With Supernatural Creatures

New show, 13 episodes. Detective Nick Burkhardt thought he was ready for the grim reality of working homicide in Portland, Oregon. That is, until he started to see things… things he couldn’t quite explain. He is a descendant of a secret group of hunters known as ‘Grimms’ charged with stopping supernatural creatures from becoming common knowledge.

October 23: Once Upon A Time (ABC) [NEW]
– A Fairytale Set In Modern Times

New show, 13 episodes. A fairytale set in modern times. Emma Swan’s (Jennifer Morrison) destiny suddenly changes when she discovers she is a lost princess and accepts to save her world from darkness. The action is set in the town of Storybrooke, a place where time is frozen and characters from our favorite fairytales have been sent to and don’t remember who they are.

October date tbd: Merlin (BBC)
– Hidden Magic

Returning season four, 13 episodes. The offical tagline for the fourth series is: The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn. Camelot is in trouble (when has it ever not been). This season Arthur is being challenged for the throne. The first episodes are called ‘Revival of the Witch’ and takes place one year after Morganas failed bid for the throne in the third season finale.

October date tbd: Misfits (E4)
– Alternative Superheroes

Returning season three, 8 episodes. The good thing is that the misfits are back. The sad thing is that Nathan is not coming back with them. He will have his farewell on a webisode ‘Las Vegas, Baby!’ to be released September 15. There’s a new replacement character named Rudy for this extended season.

Before concluding there are some Christmas specials worth mentioning although they take place in winter. BBC will run a three episode Dirk Gently miniseries as well as the usual Doctor Who Christmas Special (last year’s episode ‘A Christmas Carol’ was wonderful). One thing to be thankful is that Syfy brings back the summer shows for a Holliday episode or more. Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Haven will all be back but not Alphas?

Happy Autumn Watching!