Alice 2009 (TV mini series)

Alice is a Syfy channel remake of Alice in Wonderland. As usual Syfy’s remakes are quite different from the original. This is a Mini series in two parts. It is a good one even if my favorite is Tinman, their remake of the Wizard of Oz.

Alice 2009 a SyFy Mini seriesPart 1

Alice rough up her boyfriend on the mat in the dojo. Alice father disappeared ten years ago. Jack her bf have some weird stuff going on. He gets a sms that says RUN. And he tries to talk Alice into meeting his family. When he presents her a ring she kicks him out, “you go to fast”. Afterwards she discovers the ring in her pocket and run after Jack. She comes just in time to see him kidnapped and driven away in a white van. A mystic man appears and discover that she has the ring. In the struggle that follows he grabs the rings container and make a run for it. She runs after the man into a mirror. She sees the man and two henchmen drag Jack into a building with the sign “White Rabbit”.

She follows them in but is trapped in a box. Using her hairpin she gets out of the box which is now hanging under an airship and drop into a lake. An old man sees the mark she got on her arm from the airships searchlight and call her an oyster. They go to the man who knows. It is all very different from the original Alice. She is in Wonderland. Oysters are humans from our world. The tea shop run on drained human emotions. The White Rabbit Corporation are used by the Suits to disappear humans for the Casino.

Meanwhile at the casino, humans that play there are drained of their emotions. In the basement of the Casino they distill the emotions into pills and teas.

Instant gratification is a very strange business.

Alice is escorted into the city by the Hatter. He brings her to the Great Library. There she meets refugees that don’t want the queens rule of instant gratification. The queen discover that the container is empty and Alice still have the ring. She sends out Mad Marsch, the queens favorite assassin after Alice.

White knight, Alice and HatterAlice wears the Ring of Wonderland, the refugees tell her. The ring that controls the Looking Glass. The rebels want it and tries to take it by force. Hatter helps Alice escape. The casino guys have some problems with resurrecting the Mad Marsch and have to take some short cuts. Putting a white rabbit’s head on him doesn’t make him any nicer. MM looks like a James Bond with rabbit head. The Suits and MM hunt Alice and Hatter who escapes with a smugglers boat hunted by the airship again. I think the hatter might have the hots for Alice. He tries to bait a Jabberwock to attack their followers but it goes after Alice instead. They evade him by falling into a pit.

The White Knight is very upset they spoiled his trap. He goes a bit into orbit when he sees her ring and brings her to his secret kingdom. During the night Alice walk off and sees her little kitten in the wood. Alice follows the cat to a door. When she enters the door closes. Alice seems to be captured by MM and brought before the queen. Jack is revealed to be the son of the queen. He seems not to love her anymore, but he is obviously lying. Alice meets Jack of Heart’s betrothed the Duchess. As Jack tell her off, he gives her a watch, her fathers watch, he is here at the casino. Alice is taken to the Truth Room. They use her fear of heights against her. The first part of the story stops with her hanging on a floorboard above an abyss. I must say Jack being the son of the queen is a new twist on the story.

Part 2

The Duchess feeds Jack destilled honesty while she press him on information about Alice. Meanwhile the White Knight and Hatter arrive at the casino disguised as artists. They succeed in rescuing her. Suits hunt them back and forth. The suits are very Matrix, I don’t know what I think of that. Playfull. They fly pink flamingos off the roof. Unfortunately they are shot down over a lake. But they escape. Hatter and Alice have a long talk about Jack on the beach. Alice wants to go back to the casino to free her father, but Hatter convince her to talk to the leader of the resistance, one codenamed Caterpillar. Alice and the white knight goes to secret city and wait. Hatter comes back and there is definitly feelings between Alice and him. A special agent envoy is coming to meet them. Jack is the envoy. He arrives just before a kiss. Alice gives Jack the ring and follows him to the resistance leader leaving the white knight and Hatter behind, but they follow them.

Jack have to answer some questions about the Duchess. They go to the Hospital of Dreams where they talk to a strange man in a boat. Alice learns to her chock that meeting Jack was no accident. Human emotions is killing the inhabitants of Wonderland. Alica father is the key to freeing the humans in Wonderland. Jack was in the plot to get all the humans back to our world. Alice is obviously disappointed with Jack. Alice meets her father who is the head mixer of the laboratory under the casino. Now Alice have to wake him up from his conditioning. Before she succed fully Suits turn up and capture them. Hatter is captured when he and the knight try to free Alice. The White Knight runs away from the fight. The ring is back in the queens hands. Alice is banished and Jack is sentenced to the Axe. Alice succeeds in escaping and goes after the suits carrying the ring from the looking glass back to the queen. She has to overcome her fear for heights to use a pink flamingo.

During the night the white knight brought out all his fellow dead knight looking like an army besieging the casino. The queen sends out all her suits to defeat them. The Duchess frees Jack from his prison. He has a hard time believing she loves him. Hatter kills MM and escapes. He and Alice meets in the casino. They seal the casino and try to wake up the humans trapped there. Seeing her on the monitor makes her father wake up. They succeed in whipping up negative feelings among the humans there. The feelings overload the emotional-containers after her father is shot. The casino crumbles as the house of cards it is.

The show-down between the Queen and Alice. The queens own people force the queen to hand over the ring. Jack becomes the king and propose to her. She turns him down she has other interests now. Hatter has her heart but they keep misunderstanding each other. The operators send her home before they finished talking. Back home her mother is somewhat confused when Hatter walks in and her daughter throws herself at him.

Nicely done SyFy. Not as awsome as Tinman but good enough.