The Lotus Eaters (Carrera book 3) by Tom Kratman

Title: The Lotus Eaters
Series: Carrera book 3
Author: Tom Kratman
Genre: Military Science Fiction
Hardcover: 496 0ages
Publisher: Baen 2010

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Sometimes paranoia is just a heightened state of awareness.

Carrera’s won his war, and inflicted a horrific revenge upon his enemies. But there are wars after wars. The Tauran Union is planning an attack. The criminals of neighboring states are already attacking, and threatening to embroil him in a war with the planet’s premier power. His only living son is under fire among the windswept mountains of Pashtia. An enemy fleet is hunting his submarines. His organization has been infiltrated by spies. One of the two governments of his adopted country, Balboa, is trying to destroy everything he’s built and reinstitute rule by a corrupt oligarchy. Worst of all, perhaps, he, himself, bearing a crushing burden of guilt, isn’t quite the man he once was.

Fortunately, the man he once was, was lucky enough to marry the right woman….


The book is dedicated to Julia and starts with a “What has gone before” section.

This whole series is about Patricio Carrera a self made man who found a home in Balboa, the country he once fought. Now he fights for freedom both for his corrupt homeland and against the depraved old earth. It all takes place on Terra Nova. Earth’s first and only interstellar colony.

The Author

I have read Tom Kratman before. It would be wrong to say that he is politically correct. Especially his first books where not to my liking. I think Tom likes it when people criticizes his work, he used to have a wall of fame over the most angry ones (still have one). His works are usually on the edge on what I can tolerate to read. But he provides a different point of view and thats worth something.

World Building

It is a rather sordid world Tom has painted. Earth is ruled by renegade international humanitarian organizations like Amnesty and different United Nations departments. Liberals are the new master slaves and new religions even practice human sacrifice.

Terra Nova reminds a great deal of todays earth and there are many parallels just twisted a bit. Carrera has fought in their ‘middle-east’ and now his ‘Panama’ faces the drug cartels.

The philosophy and assumption reminds of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers to a great deal.


Carrera is not the man he used to be after all the death he caused in the last book so the first obstacle is to restore him to sound mind.

Carrera prepares for the war with earth while he has to deal with his occupied land and its corrupted leadership.

The ‘US’ threatens to invade if he does nothing against the drug cartels so he makes that his agenda. But the cartels have deep pockets and there are traitors among Carrera’s men and they go after him and his closest.


The characters are a bit two dimensional but they are entertaining.

My View

This is decent military science fiction that might not be for everyone.

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