Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers Revenge of the FallenI haven’t seen this before so I thought it was time now.  Good action packed intro. Sentimental going to Collage moment  before all the appliances go  Toy soldier on them. The shard affect the boy before. Megan Fox get the final shard to hide.

The shard get stolen while collegeboy gets in trouble. The Decepticons resurectsMegatron while the puny human military tries to defend it. Sam have a mental breakdown or two on college. Megan fox going warrior godess on the little Decepticon is fun.

Alice the hot girl is a pretty robot set out to catch them. When they flee their car is impaled by Megatron and they are captured. When the Autobots arrive to save him a battle commence. Optimus Prime has to face three Decepticons by themselves. He is defeated.

Whit the last Prime dead the Decepticons launch their attack on earth. Lead by the Fallen One – the original Decepticon.

Well, what should I say, you get what you expect. Good action but more than juvenile.