I have this weird obsession with TV, wonder if it have anything doing with growing up with two not very interesting public channels? I remember sitting in front of the TV being bored out of wits and waiting for something good coming on.

These are some of the TV Series I watch:

Battlestar Galactica (4)
Great acting, thou something is lacking in the feelings. This show is nearing its end. There is a prequel series coming up on scifi channel: Caprica

Bones (5)
This show has had its ups and downs solid ensemble tho, good dynamics keeps it interesting


Interesting new series. Eliza from Buffyand Tru Calling plays Echo. Is still a bit unsure about it tho.

Eleventh Hour (4-5)
The UK series was excellent and thought provoking, the US series not as much. Of course the actors of the UK series where in a different league than the American.

House (5)
Who doesn’t like a grumpy old man. I also like the way it reinvents itself.

Lie to me (4)
A team of living truth detectors solves crimes and other problems

Medium (4)
I thought this show was nearing its end in season 3, but it proved me wrong in season 4. Haven’t started with season 5 yet.

Merlin (5)
Young Merlin, a refreshing series out of UK.

NCIS (5)
Wonderful dynamics, great actors.

Sanctuary (4)
Amanda Tappings new series after Stargate is interesting, hope it will get better after the first season.

Saving Grace (5)
Vixen female detective with a living in Angel solves crimes tho that is not really important.

Supernatural (5)
It’s like this ultimately Road Movie with two Brothers that kills Ghosts and have a lot of sex. What’s not to like?

The Beast (4)
Pretty good new series. wonder if it will get more than one season?

The Big Bang Theory (5)
Good cast, hilarious jokes if you like geeks like me.

The Burn Notice (5)
Great show good dynamics – hell of a gf there Michael, annoying intro tho. Great ending of the 2nd season.

The Closer (5)
Wonderfull dynamics, love all the actors.

The Mentalist (5)
Charming mentalist solves crimes with the FBI

True Blood (5)
Wonderful southern ambiance with a vampiric love angle. Love the doggies also.

Trust Me (3)
New comedy, might get better

The scary thing is that this is only a few of the shows that I watch.