Stargate Universe 2.08 – Malice [TV Review]

You all know what happens when the hero’s girlfriend gets killed by the bad guy. He goes on a rampage of revenge and nails the bad guy no matter how many government agencies want to keep him alive because he knows tings, Right?

That is exactly what happens in Malice. The bad guy is especially deserving. He has been foul since we first saw him. It is Simeon, the Lucian alliance patriot who realizes that Ginn, Eli’s new love interest is spilling secret to Homeworld Security. Rush’s new found love Interest Amanda Perry is in Ginn’s body at the time Simeon kills her.

Rush is the one that finds Ginn’s lifeless body. Simeon goes on a killing spree killing guards left to right and arming himself before he escapes through the gate.

Young is doing a good job in this episode, he chats convincingly with the boffins on the bridge and he acts like a leader. I like that.

It is emotional when TJ closes Ginn’s eyes with finality. Eli is shocked but he is trying not to show it. Eli is probably the guy most of us identify with and root for. He was finally getting lucky after being the third wheel for so long, it is sad but it is also good television. He will come out of this different, the question is how. Don’t get me wrong I love Ginn.

While they search for Simeon they learn Amanda is dead on earth too but they also learn that Simeon has information on the attack planed on Earth. That gets Rush out of the room he goes after Simeon.

Simeon took a hostage and booby trapped her at the gate hoping to catch the whole pursuit force in one blow but Rush beats them to it and radios back stopping them from entering while disabling the proximity fuse of the mine. It will still explode but it gives him time to throw it away. The explosion was significant but the slow-motion effect was a little much.

Rush goes after him with a kino. But they keep getting ambushed, he even lures Lt Boobs into a trap, she survives but not all of her squad is so lucky. The man hunt take time so they have to do something about the jump clock back at the ship.

Eli tries to stall the clock but they have nine hours to do what Rush has not succeeded to do in six months. Chloe was only in briefly but her blueberry powers, which she doesn’t seem to have full control over whatever she says managed to reprogram Destiny’s course so they could jump back. Wonder what that means. Are we going back to the Blueberries now? Their absence is starting to get old. Chloe tries to talk to Eli. Eli is losing it and wants to go after Eli with a gun but Young manages to convince him to stay.

Scott and Rush have a very mature conversation, a lot of good talks that shows progress this episode. Interesting that the first thing Rush does is lie about that he found a way to track Simeon.

In the end Rush goes after Simeon alone, after Greer gets wounded and Scott takes him back to the gate, since time is running out.

The way it all works out in the end is pure Rush. Rush has to live with a lot. And now he has to add the choice he made today. The consequences for humanity might be huge.

Good story and damn good television.

Next week is when the Destiny gets its shuttle back, and some old friends come and visit. I can’t wait, only two more episodes before the hiatus now? It looks more and more likely that it will be some cliffhanger involving Chloe and the Blueberries but I could be wrong.

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