Warehouse 13 2.11 – Buried [TV Review Recap]

The summer shows start to wrap up their runs or go on hiatus before a winter season. That time is getting near for Warehouse 13 too. The second season finale is next week so things are starting to heat up. H. G. Wells is a woman named Helena G. Wells obsessed with her dead daughter and time travel and now made a member of the Warehouse team. For some reason Artie is dead set against her and I must admit I don’t fully trust her either. She did talk about a plan there at the start of the season.

This week we learn more about the mysterious Mrs. Frederic as she falls ill as someone activates Warehouse 2. It was thought to have been lost when the Romans conquered Alexandria. Is this a break with the mythos? I thought Warehouse 1 was the famous Library of Alexandria? Anyway, some American youths on a dig in Peru suddenly turn up mummified in Egypt tipping off the team on where to look.

The start of this episode had a lot of the snappy dialog. Pete is especially intrigues when H.G shoots off “Many of my lovers where men” when he asked advice on Kelly from Myka, Claudia and H. G. But there is no follow up on that issue. Pete will find out his true feelings for Kelly later. I feels sorry for Pete.

H. G., Pete and Myka go off to Egypt to reset the Warehouse before it kills Mrs. Frederic. They are guided by Benedict Valda who is the Regents’ expert on Warehouse 2. Then follows an entertaining Indiana Jones like sequence as they have to pass three traps one for mind, body and soul respectively.

This whole episode is a fight against the clock. Artie disappears without any explanation but he was obviously on to something making him excited. So Claudia is alone with Mrs F and Dr Vanessa Calder when she learn her destiny within the Warehouse. This time she is saved by the bell but she is rattled to the core. I would also like to point out she looks gorgeous in leather and much more mature than previously.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Helena researched how the archeologist of today dress before going to Egypt. Myka tells her that is just how Americam film makers think they dress. I don’t mind, I really don’t.

In the end Myka and Pete plug the keyhole to reset the Warehouse freeing Mrs F from her connection to number two. Mr Valda had to sacrifice himself to one of the traps and Helena wants them to see this before she shoots them down with green lightening. Scene and end.

I liked this episode. It had good action, snappy dialog, revealed some interesting Warehouse secrets and best of all showed a lot of character development with Claudia who is my favorite character on the show.

Next episode is the season finale called Reset. It will air on Tuesday 21st.

The team tries to track down their rogue member, and discover the artifact they have is unexpectedly powerful. Meanwhile, Claudia wonders about her future with the Warehouse team and Pete must choose between Kelly and the mission.