Television in November 2010

November is a dead still when it comes to premieres of new shows. There is a lot good shows going on though. Chuck, the Event, SGU, Fringe, Supernatural, Lost Girl and at the end of the month sees the start of the Holiday specials. Futurama is first out this year of the genre shows. The reboot from Comedy Central has been a positive surprise since the disaster of season five.

There might be an interesting British show starting this month but I have no confirmation yet. Outcasts is sheduled to premiere December 5 on BBC America but they usually start a bit earlier on BBC in the UK.

Returning Shows

Fringe (Fox) returns after three weeks on hiatus this week Thursday, November 4.

Human Target season 2 starts Wednesday November 17, see below.

The Futurama Holiday Spectacular (Comedy Central) takes place November 21! That will be fun.

Outside genre some of my favorites return The Closer (TNT) 10th, Psych (USA) 10th and Burn Notice (USA) 11th.


Stargate Universe (Syfy) fall season finale goes down Tuesday November 30.

Nongenre show finales are Outlaw (NBC) 13th and Sons of Anarchy 30th.

Human Target [Returning]

It looks like they listened to me last year, they needed more females.

Picking up from the heart-pounding first season cliffhanger, Season Two of Human Target kicks off with a bang as Chance and Guerrero race to rescue their kidnapped associate, Winston. Vowing to retire from the security business, Chance is lured back to work by billionaire philanthropist Ilsa Pucci (new series regular Indira Varma), who needs his protection after the mysterious murder of her husband. While on assignment, the team encounters Ames(new cast member Janet Montgomery), a beautiful, chameleon-like thief who has a past connection to Winston.

Based on the DC Comics comic book and graphic novel, Human Target is a full-throttle action drama centered on a unique personal security expert hired to shield those in danger from an imminent threat that cannot be solved through normal means of protection.