The Noise Revealed by Ian Whates (Cover & Synopsis)

I liked Ian Whate’s The Noise Within (link to my review below) and Solaris has announced the sequel The Noise Revealed for release April 26 2011 and released cover and synopsis. This could be one for the list next year.

Wonderful cover art by Dominic Harman

I wonder if there is a name for this series. For now it is The Noise Withing book 2.


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A time of flux, a time of change. While mankind is adjusting to its first ever encounter with an alien civilisation – the Byrzaens – black ops specialist Jim Leyton reluctantly allies himself with the mysterious habitat in order to rescue the woman he loves. This brings him into direct conflict with his former employers: the United League of Allied Worlds government.

Scientist and businessman Philip Kaufman is fast discovering there is more to the virtual world than he ever realised. Yet it soon becomes clear that all is not well within the realm of Virtuality. Truth is hidden beneath lies and there are games being played, deadly games with far reaching consequences.

Both men begin to suspect that the much heralded ‘First Contact’ is anything but first contact, and that a sinister con is being perpetrated with the whole of humankind as the victim. Now all they have to do is prove it.

The Author

The Noise Within was my the first book by Ian Whates. He is a British author and editor of speculative fiction with many short stories and anthologies under his belt. The Noise Within is his second published novel. Ian lives in an idyllic Cambridgeshire village with his partner Helen and their pets.


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