Elizabeth Moon (Author)

I started reading Elizabeth Moon with Hunting Party back in 1993 and immediately fell in love with her style and her characters. Me and my friends all read the whole Serrano/Suiza series during the late nineties. It was also during the that time that i picked up Remnant Population, one of, if not the best first contact stories I ever read, I must say I love Ofelia the protagonist of the book, she is what I imagine Elizabeth Moon to be in real life.

So I fell for her Science Fiction stories first unlike many others of her fans and it was not until the new century that I started to read her fantasy stories. I like them well enough but my heart is in science fiction.

I have read all her books that are published and I have the latest in the mail. Reviews of the books will show up here as i reread the books which I do every third year or so.

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