David Weber’s Honor Harrington Collections


I have read More than Honor, Worlds of Honor and Changer of Worlds (free online book at baen) before and it was a happy reencounter. I especially love all the treecat stories. you should read them.

I recently aquired The Service of The Sword, the forth collection so far. As always its trilling to open a book for the first time to discover a previously unknown aspect of the universe. In this case David Weber’s Honor Harrington’s universe.

It contains these short stories:

  • Promised land by Jane Lindskold – is about Judiths escape from Masada and about Prince Michael Wintons snotty tour. I feel like reading more from Jane, she seems to be into fantasy mostly which I am not at this time though.
  • With one stone – Timothy Zahn – is about Honors second? tour in Silesian Confederacy from Rafe’s point of view.
  • A ship called Francis by John Ringo & Victor Mitchell – its about this really old ship in Greyson service, where all the misfits end up. Quite a humorous story.
  • Let’s go to Prague by John Ringo – This is a pearl of a story. Two Manticore operatives decide to go on holiday to Prag, the Havanite pleasure world, never mind the war with Haven. There are secret agents, very James Bond thank you Sir, treason, love, double cross, car chases and more.
  • Fanatic by Eric Flint – is more with Victor Cachat the young agent we met first in Changer of Worlds: From the Highlands by Eric Flint. He will resurface in later Honorverse novels too.
  • In the service of the Sword – David Weber – Is the snotty tour for Abigail Hearns, the first Grayson Midshipwoman. This feels like the prelude to Shadow of Saganami (Abigail is the Tactical Officer on Hexapuma) which also takes place in the Talbot cluster.

Now its time for me to sleep. I will boldly dream about worlds where no one have gone before …