True Blood 3.05 – Trouble

Trouble and love is the theme of this episode, much of it is of course troubled love but never as twisted as Bill and Lorena though Franklin and Tara’s does come close.

Last week

There were a lot of crimes being done last week. Everyone had a hard time, Tara is vampnapped, Pam is about to die-die,  Bill betrayed the queen and Sookie is about to be hunted by a bar full of biker werewolves. Missed anything? Read my list of crimes from last week: True Blood 3.04 – 9 Crimes – The List

This week

Franklin reports to Russell about Bill’s research on Sookie. Is Bill working for the queen? He also brings Tara because they should be together; he is such an entertaining freak. Tara is scared out of her wits especially after he proposes to her so they can be together for ever. Vampire wedding next week?

Sookie escapes the bar but now she knows about Russel feeding the werewolves his blood so she is determined to talk to him. Debbie Pelt discovers Sookie at Alcide’s place and swears to ‘fuck her up’.

Jason has his first day as a policeman but he fails to convince his fellow colleagues but it is kind of entertaining. He chases after that mystic girl he saw in the forest in a borrowed police car and gets her name it’s Crystal. They take a walk together, kiss and make animal love by the lake. I wonder what her cousin-brothers will do?

I was very surprised when Eric showed up at Russell’s place, even more so of the turn that encounter takes. Eric flashes back to the night his father and mother was killed by werewolves, when he finds his father’s crown in Russell’s collection. He swore vengeance on his father’s killers so that was what he was up to during WW2. Hm, that ought to be interesting for the future.

Sam’s trashy family moves in and shows all the bad sides they can. There is something weird going on with Tommy and his dad. His dad say’s he owns him, what is up with that? Is he the pack leader? I thought he wasn’t a shifter.

“I am the happiest man in the world”, Terry tells Sam as he moves in with Arlene. She on the other hand looks guilt ridden. Besides feeling sorry for Terry I don’t really care for that side story.

Lafayette gets a visit from Jesus, they are cute together. Looks like Lafayette might get lucky soon.

Hoyt walks in to Sam’s with a date, with Jessica working there. Tommy shows interest in Jessica …

Bill escapes to warn Sookie but he is to late. Russel and Cooter crashes in just after him. But when Cooter goes after him she blasts him much like she did once last season. And that is scene for this episode.

It was an entertaining episode and it looks like the many plot lines are starting to converge. Sookie, Eric, Bill and Alcide are now all in one place.

New characters this week was

  • Colonel John Flood – The Pack Leader
  • Astrid – Eric’s viking mother
  • Ulfrick – Eric’s father the king


Next week

True Blood 3.06 – I Got a Right to Sing the Blues (HBO)
Spurned by Eric, Sookie fears the worst for Bill, whose fate now lies in Lorena’s hands. Fueled by a night of bloody passion, Tara executes a desperate plan to stave off Franklin’s advances. In Bon Temps, Tommy finds it difficult to leave the family nest; Jessica gets her fix from a Merlotte’s customer; and Jason’s romance with Crystal hits a snag, as does Lafayette’s with Jesus. After revealing his master plan to Eric, Russell pays a visit to Louisiana in order to start executing it.

Original title was: What Do You Know About Love.