Lost Girl 110 – The Mourning After [TV Review]

The Girls are having a quiet night at home drinking Pinot and waxing their swords and throwing daggers into mannequins. Somehow it makes them horny and talking about sex. The Dating scene is a killer.

Switch to a woman who invites a man home, have a sleep over and then wakes up with a death wish, a bath and an electric hairdryer. She left a wall with the words whore and slut.

Her sister doesn’t believe it is suicide and hire Bo to find out the truth. Bo goes to Dylan but he can’t help forcing her to go to Lauren. It is a bit cold there, Lauren is still in the dog house. Things with Dylan seems good though.

Meanwhile Kenzi is at Trick’s place being a hoot. Short guy Valentine walks in and gives a 24 hour warning to Trick. He will be back for his coin at midnight.

The girls go looking for a clue at the club dead girl was hanging out at and find speed dating. Bo charms them and Kenzai cleans them of their possessions. That was so entertaining, then it gets girl on girl and it is another Succubus.

Bo is intrigued, it is the first other succubus she has meet. We are big in Berlin apparently. Kenzi is not overly impressed and heads over to Trick, he needs her help. Turns out Valentine and Trick have this one hundred year time share on a lucky coin. Now he lost the coin the day before he is to turn it over but he knows a ceremony to track it down. But he needs an egg from a Fae that only talks to female humans.

The sister gets a visitor during the night and Bo and her new Fae friend finds her dead in the morning with the writing on the wall. It is an Alabaster at work; they are like the anti-succubus and feed on sexual shame.

Kenzi goes redhead for Lightning Bird. She has to talk her out of one of her eggs but plays to become her agent and trick Trick to promise a future favor for the Lightning Bird. Trick is so charming when he has to give something away. The Bird drops that Trick could have done it himself with the Book of Blood. The most powerful is always the most stubborn.

Bo and new friend find the lucky guy and offer a threesome but he didn’t do it. She learns a new trick though, you can give energy back.

The Alabaster comes on Bo all alone. Hello whore. It is the speed dating organizer. He almost overcomes Bo but her new succubus friend saves her. He is not going to like this threesome at all. While Bo is about to turn him over to the light her sucky friend drains him dry. Something Bo is not okay with.

Trick dips the amulet in the spiced egg and points out a cemetery where the coin is. Nothing there, but Kenzi notice the flowers on the grave. The same flower she has seen before. Trick is saved and Valentine has to return the stolen coin to him.

The girls hug in bed and everything is better in the world. But we can see Bo looking longingly at the red leather jacket left by her dark Fae teacher.

This show is so great. I am entertained, amused and infatuated.

p.s. Sorry for not writing earlier but I was swamped in work yesterday evening, It was all good though.

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