Fringe winter finale 2.14 – Jacksonville

I personally have a little theory about the eventual ending of this Fringe season. Remember that decapitated leader and his super soldiers? They where not quite human, where they? I wont tell you more now but if you tell me your idea, I’ll tell you mine.

Anyway, there is many episodes before that happens, last nights Fringe episode was the winter finale. Now we have to wait until April before it is back.

An office building on Manhattan suffer a localized earthquake with many victims, their bodies scrambled in gruesome ways. FBI is called in to investigate. After Walter question the only survivor he realize this is a building from the alternative universe. This scares Olivia as she remembers Bells warnings about colliding universes (only one survives). Walter predict that a similar building from our world will be transported there in less than a day and that the building will be ‘glimmering’ before it does. There is only one problem they can’t see the glimmer to identify the house. Olivia could do it as a kid when Walter was experimenting on her but she can’t now. They have to go to Jacksonville and the abandoned military facility there to repeat the experiment. Olivia have to face her own horrifying past to restore the power she lost.

Olivia really shines in this episode, she has to be brave to face a past she have all reason to fear and she show all the vulnerability you can imagine she feels. There was a little Heroes feeling with the powers, is that bad or good, it’s to early to say, I am willing to follow the script to where it leads.

Peter is in limbo and it is painful to watch, knowing what we know and he don’t. You know it will hurt a lot when he learns the truth. And he have reconnected so sweet with Walter again (last episode when he gave the books he sold back to Walter).

Walter and Astrid is a joy to watch, I heard Astrid will be getting a well deserved story arc after the hiatus. Astrid seems so attached to Walter, that it was a bit surprising when she basically told Walter, this is to much even for me, I refuse.

Without telling to much I can spill that there is movements in the romantic department in this episode, but not necessarily what you expect.

This seasons story arc move a building ahead, but there are quite a lot of unanswered questions left for later. Like how did they move the building? Who was inside the building when it went?

There was some things said that stuck to my mind:
– Nixon on a silver dollar, that is disturbing
– What the hell is wrong with you, you did this with little children

This was a good winter finale, an emotional cliffhanger if you will. One you will look forward to resolve but can wait on until April Fools day when Fringe return for the second half of the season. I wonder if the date was intentional?