Owner’s Share (A Trader’s Tale 6) by Nathan Lowell [Book Review]

Bittersweet ending of Epic Trader Tale

Nathan Lowell’s Share series has been with me for a long time and given me a lot of entertainment and now it is ending. That is bittersweet. The life of Ishmael Wang might go on but the Share series is over as there as there are no more shares to be had. The books are Quarter Share (2007), Half Share (2007), Full Share (2007), Double Share (2008), Captain’s Share (2009) and now the final Owner’s Share.

Peculiar to all the share stories is that they are just vivid and captivating tales of the everyday life in the mercantile fleet. Don’t expect stories of space battles or pirates. Instead they are warmhearted and constructive workplace stories seen from the eyes of the compassionate if somewhat naive planet-born Ishmael.

It is time for a change again in the life of Ishmael Wong as he is ‘fired’ from Diurnia Salvage and Transport. He is a rich man from the salvage but not so rich he can buy his own ship so he has to find a way to finance his dream and cut through the morass of red tape that follows. I enjoyed Ish navigating unknown water there and his frustration becomes almost tangible.

Of course he eventually succeeds in getting a ship but that’s when the real story starts. He has to get a new crew but some of them are already assigned by Article 37. It is delightful as he and his new crew gets to know each other and start to unravel the possibilities of their new ship. They also takes on some interesting passengers but the fallout from what happens at the beginning of the book continues to interfere with the smooth operation of the ship.

Ishmael has always been lucky in business but a bit unlucky with the ladies even if it sometimes felt like he was a mercantile playboy in the early books. His love interest Chief Gearhart (wonderful name for a chief engineer by the way) chews him out for his behavior in the previous books in the first chapter leaving the field open. Nathan really did an Article 37 on me there. But the ending is open and I would really like to know what happens to Ishmael. I hope Nathan Lowell write more stories about the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper.

I really loved the story and warmly recommend it but you should start with Quarter Share.


Article 37 is explained on Nathan’s Homepage Trader’s Diary

Title: Owner’s Share
Series: A Trader’s Tale in the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper book 6
Author: Nathan Lowell (solarclipper.com)
Genre: Working stiffs’ Science Fiction
Audiobook:  30 episodes
Publisher: Podiobooks 2011
Download from: Podiobooks | iTunes

When Diurnia Salvage and Transport undergoes a change in management, Captain Ishmael Horatio Wang finds himself adrift in a sea of red ink, and intrigue. He dives in only to find that he is over his head in a universe where cut-throat competition takes on an all new meaning. What price will he pay for his Owner’s Share?