The Anderoid’s Dream by John Scalzi

Excellent down to earth space opera might sound like a contradiction in terms but it is a good description of The Android’s Dream.

It is all about the hunt for a sheep. The Nidu, a race that make old Japan look like a liberal laiz-sez-faire society, have rather elaborate coronation ceremonies. This time they need a sheep from a certain rare race of sheep: Android Dream. The problem is that someone is killing off all the sheep. The current ruler holds humanity responsible for producing a sheep before time run out for the ceremony.

Harry Creek job is to deliver low level bad news to alien diplomats, a job he is fairly good at. Until his boss needs someone that can fly under the radar and find the sheep the Nidu requests before war break out. If Harry had any idea what was in store for him he would never have said yes.

This is a fast paced funny and action filled story with a nice twist in the end.

I really love John Scalzi I can’t wait for the next book.