The Better Part of Valor by Tanya Huff (Confederation of Valor 2)

Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr know better than to offend a two star general. So she beat him up. She isn’t really surprised when she is singled out for a secret mission while her company is resting.

General Morris is gathering a team to recon a alien vessel found dead in space. To keep secrecy he gathers the marines one by one from all across the sector. When Torrin meets the mission leader Captain Travik, a Krai a hotshot media-whore with political connections, her mission becomes clearer. She is there to see to that the mission succeeds and Captain Travis doesn’t make an ass of himself.

To no surprise a News ship arrive shortly, someone have been talking. And now they have to bring a news team with them, forced so by confederation law.

They also have to bring the self assured Craig Ryder the man who discovered the ship. He is very competent for a civilian and he likes to test her limits.

The ship is not what it seems to be, and then the Others appear…

Snappy fun dialogue is Tanya Huff’s signature. The Better part of Valor is a good read, maybe not as good as Valor’s Choice, but still good.