The Event 1.02 – To Keep Us Safe [TV Review]

Pop the plane and crash land it in the desert. I HATE THESE TIME JUMPS!!! At least they are less obsessive about them this week

We learn that in 1944 a plane crashed, there were 97 survivors. They have 99% similar DNA to us and they age at a much slower rate. They refused to tell why they are here so they have been incarcerated ever since. Are they aliens?

We also learn that there is a group of able bodied 1%ers that left the crash site before the rest was apprehended and that they now live in secret among us. One of them is even appointed the agent in charge of finding the 1%ers at large.

After 67 years in captivity they start to get a bit restless, which is quite understandable. Some want to take action and even fight while others prefer different methods whatever that can be.

One other explanation could be that they were in some kind of conflict and got transported here. They might even be fighting their adversaries here but nothing really indicates this. Time travel or an alternative universe seems to be the most likely explanations so far. I would not rule out aliens but in the case there is aliens it would seem likely we haven’t seen them yet and that they are in some way involved in the unexplained event.

It was never stated that the event was the plane crash 1944, so it must be something else. I am not even sure the event is just an event. What if there is different event for different groups. Sometimes I get the feeling the 1%ers are talking about an event that has not taken place yet, while at other times when listening to the spies I get the feeling it has taken place. What do you think?

It was creepy pulling a tube out of your arm to give a blood sample there agent now in charge of the hunt for the 1%ers hiding in our society.

The plane that popped is in Arizona but everyone that was there when those black helicopters came is dead. Shane is the lone survivor. Damn it is intriguing but the way it is told is just getting to my nerves and I don’t want a new Lost with a crappy explanation six seasons down the line. I am sorry but I don’t have much trust in this kind of story going in the right direction. I will get back to you around episode five or six but I will try not to become emotionally involved in the Event before I know where this is heading, it could be wonderful but it could also go totally painful.

The FBI arrests Shane Walker for the murder of Corbin. But they have a hard time believing his story.

Who thinks the President is going to declare war on the 1%ers next episode? They killed two hundred passengers on an airplane, as a warning? That is a declaration of war.

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