The Event 1.03 Protect Them From the Truth [TV Review]

The Event continues with Ordinary Man going Bourne Identity competent. That part was quite entertaining to be honest.

Meanwhile psycho kidnapper Vicky kills a cop while driving the girlfriend bundle to her container prison. Just when it seems she is about to kill her she gets a call telling her Shane got away and they still need the girlfriend.

There seems to be a traitor willing to speak in the Mount Inostranka group and now his girlfriend kills him to keep the secret. Wonder what their agenda is? Sofia say that if they knew we would be dead. So maybe it is an invasion? What do you think?

Shane Walker is ambushed inside the FBI office and a FBI babe runs away with him. Way to go ordinary Shane.

As a nice little cliffhanger all the dead passengers starts to move. Time for a Halloween Zombie episode already?

Wait a minute! I bet all those awakening will only have 99% similar DNA to humans!

Hmm, I am afraid I start to like the Event. So it will probably get canceled next week.

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