The Event 1.07 – I know who you are [TV Review]

This week’s Event is packed with revelations and intrigue but it still lacks soul. I am in many respects a lover of good character driven drama and the Event looks like that in many respects but it hurt me that I can’t get myself to really care for or feel for the characters.

Blake Stirling’s flashback story is compelling; the stuff good entertainment is built around. It makes him human as we learn the reasons he is mistrusting his own judgment. He was married to a Russian spy. Simon Lee dodges the bullet with the help of his friends. Instead they frame an innocent man for being the mole. Blake and President Marinez celebrate their success with a beer.

Mr. Bourne Identity meets Enemy of the State as Sean and girl friend goes after the truth. That part was somewhat entertaining but I can’t for the life of me get myself to care what is happening to them.

Sofia is Thomas mother. I didn’t see that one coming. It explains a lot. E.T. wants to go home and Thomas has been helping our technology along when not playing the stock market.

But what is up with the guys trying to stop Martinez and Sean? They kidnap young girls and make them old? I am starting to believe they are after the longevity of the E.T.s

This Event lacks something, probably humor.

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