The Event – Episode 1.06 – Loyalty [TV Review]

This week’s Event was Simon’s story. Wonder why that got me thinking of Lost? It is a tale about a man from another place with no water in it who finds love he has to abandon because he doesn’t age, much. That was in the flashbacks back to 1954. Then he meets her again as an old lady ten years ago. One day he went out to get sunflowers and he returns with a sunflower half a century later.

Simon helps Sofia escape by dosing a coffee shop with the isotope they dosed her food with. Then he thinks his cover is blown when they start checking his team for traces of the isotope. Man you where drinking coffee from the coffee shop!

Anyway Thomas opens a gate inside a house about to be stormed by the feds while Sofia and Thomas run away. Simon decides to stay behind and save the agents inside only to be buried or gated away himself?

Some things I noticed. Sofia talks Chinese. Simon’s old girlfriend asks him. Are you an angel? I am so far from that. He replies. If I was cynical I would say, does that mean they are demons? I would hate to discover that everything here has a spiritual explanation. But I hope NBC isn’t that cruel, they did give us Chuck.

Sean has to tell Leila her mother is dead, her little sister Samantha is missing presumed held by the kidnappers, her daddy is missing too and by the way Sean is wanted for murder.

They still manages to get home to look for clues and discover Michael Buchanan had a deranged crazy pistol wielding female journalist contact and he knew about the detainees in Alaska. It was his own fault according to the leader of the kidnappers.

The Event is getting there but I am still suspicious and won’t let my guard down just yet. It got a full season order but they still need to catch up a bit, there is something off with the pacing. They started playing tension music way before it got the slightest tense. I was thinking, why do they play this tension music? Paused for contemplation and a minute or so afterwards they got to the tense part. Did they re cut the episode in haste and missed it?

In general it is a good story but the characters need more love. This episode was a step in the right direction but we need more. Leila is still not a person I care for, and I feel like I should at this stage of the story. I care more for that female FBI agent we left behind with the prisoner.

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