The First Casuality by Mike Moscoe (Society of Humanity 1)

In this universe humanity has settled on more than one hundred planets. Travel is done by wormholes left by aliens. Heavy taxation and low prices for the raw material they produce have caused a lot of anger in the colonies. Large corporations are the real players behind the governments. The Unity is formed around a strong leader as the colonies make war on their oppressors in the Society of Humanity.

We get to follow Ray Longknife a Unity Marine Captain in battle and as a recoveree on Wardhaven. Rita his Navy pilot wife to be keeps him going.

We also get to follow Mary Rodrigo’s as the former Miner is transformed by the war. She starts out as a elected Society Marine Sergeant and trough ingenuity and leadership she ends up a Captain.

Mattim is a Trader drafted together with his ship. He will cause the greatest changes in the long run when he stumbles on on knowledge that the powers behind the government will do anything to suppress.

Mike Moscoe has written a follow up series under the pseudonym Mike Shepherd about Kris Longknife.

This one is not as catchy as the later Longknife series, it’s a decent read. I’ll give it a strong 3 out of 5.