The Gates 1.02 – What Lies Beneath

Last week the Monohans moved into the Gates; Nick had a busy first day as chief of police, a mysterious disappearance and the body of the last chief of police in the Gates; The neighbor wife took one bite too many; Charlie meet the mysterious Andie Bates at school and liking emerge, it’s just that the werewolf boyfriend could be a problem. Now for Episode two.

We start off with two wolves hunting together, a white and a dark one, poor Bambi. It is Lukas and his father Simon having a not so good hearted competition.

Todays episode is about the investigation of the murder of the former chief of police. He was found shot in the head, assassin style. Nick soon uncovers that the chief has side income ‘loosing’ reports. One report concerns Claire who was stopped covered in blood something which Dylan explains with nose bleeds when Nick seeks him out. He also goes after Lukas father for covering up his son’s vandalism. Both turns out to be ‘false’ leads as they talk to former employees of the police department. Longest time anyone worked there was one year, wonder if more of them has been shot? Eventually they find the gun that killed the chief of police at former officer Taylors residence, but I am not sure it wasn’t planted there.

The murder scares Sarah. Dana is scary smart as she does psychology on the other members of the family.

Andie prepare for school when she notice some weird markings on her back so she looks up the school nurse Peg who takes some samples telling Andie it could be stress. Andie admits to being stressed over the two boys situation and tries to ignore Charlie but that doesn’t work out so well. We gets to hear Peg telling Andie’s father she has the succubus gene and they need to tell her now so that they can start treatment directly and yes she could be a deadly threat to any man she meets. Meanwhile Andie and Charlie goes riding. Charlie falls off his horse because of Lukas? There is an emotional boy charms girl and they kiss situation that gets a bit intense and we know the danger he is in but Andie breaks it off and rides off before anything happens.

Is it Andie’s new powers that makes the boys react like they do to her? Charlie is smitten and Brett declare his love and abandon his fellow pack mates for a girl. I like both Charlie and Brett and have a feeling they could end up friends in the long run. Brett saves Charlie from being beaten up when Lukas gets in his face about the chief of police harassing Lukas’ father. Wonder what Lukas did that his father need to cover up? What is Lukas doing watching Andie and Charlie in woods? Is he also affected by her succubus charm?

I am starting to feel sorry for Claire, she is being blackmailed by Devon to give a vial of her blood so Devon can cover up her indiscretion with the contractor she killed but we all doubt what Devon really need it for, vampire mind control? She obviously has serious problems with her cravings and living as a ‘Stepford’ wife. Guess there is an equal rights kind of thing here? I can’t figure out their family situation, Dylan made Claire, but how does their daughter come in? Can vampires get children?

There used to be a finger print database of all the residents but the last chief made it all go away. It seems like the old chief made a lot of things go away.

One unresolved plot is young police assistant Marcus who meets a beautiful redhead named Trica at the cofee wagon. She seems to be picking him up though. So far they went on one date but I feel that there is something more to it.

Sarah and Claire also have a play date for Emily and Dana. Devon is creepy when she offers to watch the kids if the grown ups wants to have a spa day.

Nick notice there is a parcel from Devon at the murderer’s house and he questions Devon. Could she be behind the death of the old chief? The episode ends with Clair showing up at Devon to succumb to the blackmail and leave blood.

I really like this show. Next episode is two weeks though.

The Gates 1.03 – Breach (ABC) will air June 11, 2010.

There’s been a robbery at the McCallisters’, setting off a series of similar mysterious robberies around town. Meanwhile Brett does his best to get his relationship back on track with Andie, though she still finds herself drawn to Charlie; Lukas encourages Brett to join the pack and blow off a little steam; Leigh is not herself when she loses an important package, and possibly her connection with Marcus; and Claire reunites with an old friend who questions her transformation to a humble housewife.