The Gates 1.05 – Repercussions (Review)

Last Week

We have a real cliffhanger from last week when Dylan saved Nick from that avenging sister and revealed his true nature at the same time. Nick was shocked. We could see that before the episode ended.

This Week

Dylan buries Tess/Amanda while Nick brings the kids home. They don’t meet until the day after, and they have a manly talk about it where Dylan, at least on the surface gets his will on how to handle it, but you can see Nick is not happy about it, but he is also scared. Marcus will miss Thess and now it is Nicks thing to suppress it. It is painful to see Nick refusing his Marcus and then he goes off and interrogate Dylan Radcliff by himself.

I feel sorry for Andie, finding out you are a succubus when you just started dating boys and the hormones are raging can not be easy. Peggy is kind of wonderful the way she helps Andie. I still doesn’t like Andie’s father.

Devon’s ex husband’s new girlfriend Vanessa shows up in Devon’s shop and reluctantly have ‘tea’ with her. Then she invites Devon to the party later that night she and her husband is throwing for the new chief of Police. Seems there is a lot of conflict under the surface. Barbara is gossiping like a lunatic here and there and Clair calls Christian to tell him they have a problem. Maybe Christian will take care of it for her?

Dylan is guilt ridden when he tells Claire he killed the day before. That is kind of a role reversal for them. They are still the most interesting couple in the Gates but Nick and Sarah are catching up.

After being sent home Marcus discovers Amanda’s notebook with notes on Nick’s activity’s in her luggage. He shows them to Leigh and they start to suspect Nick. But then they discover Theressa’s true identity and Marcus tells Nick he is sorry for allowing her to come so close to him.

Devon uses the party to break into her ex safe and remove a disc. Frank Vanessa’s husband and Devon’s ex is keeping recordings of all that happens inside the Gates. And this episode ends with him putting a recording of Devon killing Nick into his safe.

Things are heating up in the gates. It is getting a bit more dark and becoming more of it’s own show.

Next Week

The Gates 1.06 – Jurisdiction (ABC)
When a neighbor is murdered inside The Gates at the hand of a vampire, Nick enlists Dylan’s help to find the killer. Sarah organizes a school fundraiser at Devon’s Spa, but finds it difficult to bring bickering factions together. Claire attempts to end her “arrangement” with Christian, only to find him more entrenched in her life than ever. Frustrated by the side effects, Andie stops taking her medicine and tries to control her symptoms, resulting in dire consequences for those around her.

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